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A collection of porch and caravan awnings designed to fit specifically onto Caravans, enhancing the living space of the caravan and providing additional comfort to your camping trip. We are transitioning over from fixed awnings, to temporary Air inflatable awnings, with great success as Vango's collection of caravan awnings offer unbelievable quality, and speed of pitching, and attaching to your caravan.

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Caravan Awnings


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  1. Rapide 250 Awning Rapide 250 Awning

    Vango Rapide III 250 Caravan Awning (2019)

    The Vango Rapide 250 is a sublime caravan awning, which offers additional living space. Easy to pitch, saving time and compromising on space, as it has a relatively small pack size.

    Regular Price: £500.00

    Special Price £449.00

  2. Varkala II Connect Varkala II Connect

    Vango Varkala Connect 280 Caravan Awning (2018)

    One of the most versatile temporary awnings in our collection, the Vango Varkala Connect 280 caravan awning is a 280cm wide awning, which can essentially be extended on the left or the right hand side of the awning, to add plenty of usable living space to the awning. The Varkala 280 Connect uses a polyester 420 denier fabric, which is highly durable, reliable and designed to endure the weather.Free Gift Available

    Regular Price: £950.00

    Special Price £849.00

  3. Tide 440sa Awning Tide 440sa Awning

    Outwell Tide 440SA Caravan Awning (2018)

    The Outwell Tide 440SA Smart-Air awning, designed to match a large collection of caravans, to expand the living space of your van, and allow plenty of versatility, whilst also being very stylish, weather resistant and easy to pitch.Free Footprint with awning

    Regular Price: £1,499.95

    Special Price £889.00

  4. Tide 380sa Tide 380sa

    Outwell Tide 380SA Caravan Awning (2018)

    The innovative Tide 380SA awning designed to fit onto the side of the large range of caravans, with a width of 380cm. The Smart-Air system allows the awning to be pitched quickly, from one inflation point, taking all the hard work out of pitching the awning.Free Footprint with awning

    Regular Price: £1,299.95

    Special Price £799.00

  5. Tide 320 Awning Tide 320 Awning

    Outwell Tide 320SA Caravan Awning (2018)

    Designed to improve the living space and storage space of your caravan, the Tide 320SA is one of our smaller Outwell caravan awnings, which offers an exceptional inflatable awning creating stunning living space externally to the caravan. The Tide is jam packed full of Outwell features, all designed to improve the camping experience and enhance the comfort of your camping trip.Free Footprint with awning

    Regular Price: £1,199.95

    Special Price £689.99

  6. Amber 350SA Awning Amber 350SA Awning

    Outwell Amber 350SA Caravan Awning (2018)

    A new concept of caravan awning, the Outwell Amber 350sa is a Smart-Air awning, which is perfect for those wanting a quick-pitching awning with a pre-attached front canopy design. Designed with the Outtex 6000mm flysheet, 300 denier polyester fabric, for a durable, reliable fabric, which will last many years.Free Footprint with awning

    Regular Price: £1,699.95

    Special Price £1,099.00

  7. Amber 300SA Amber 300SA

    Outwell Amber 300SA Caravan Awning

    New for 2018, the Outwell Smart-Air Amber 300SA is a spacious awning with an in-built front canopy for added living space, shade and shelter, depending on the weather. Furthermore, the front doors can be completely removed, to open the awning completely to get the full outdoor experience.Free Footprint with awning

    Regular Price: £1,499.95

    Special Price £999.00

  8. Varkala Annex Varkala Annex

    Vango Varkala Annex (2018)

    The new Vango Varkala Annex, designed to match the Varkala Awning collection with a full-zip connection, with a full Airbeam system for quick-pitching.

    Regular Price: £300.00

    Special Price £249.00

  9. Floorplan Floorplan

    Vango Varkala Connect Right Hand Extension

    The Varkala Right Hand Connect Extension is an excellent optional accessory for the Varkala Connect, offering the ability to extend the living space of the awning for growing families.

    Regular Price: £400.00

    Special Price £349.00

  10. Varkala Connect L/H Varkala Connect L/H

    Vango Varkala Connect Left Hand Extension

    If you own the Varkala Connect Awning, then this is the perfect addition to your awning, to add lots of usable living space. The left hand connection will fit onto the left hand side of the awning, and has a full zip connection.

    Regular Price: £400.00

    Special Price £349.00


Items 1 to 10 of 88 total

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