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Here at OutdoorWorldDirect we aim to deliver the best collection of awnings online. There is a large difference between the two different types available, with the fitting, and designs being totally different. This section is dedicated to caravan awnings and motorhome awnings, but we also stock tent awnings here. There is a big difference between the two types as they will fit differently, and it is dependent upon the height of the vehicle you are fitting it to. 

We also have a range of accessories and water components.

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  1. Vango Kalari 420 Caravan Awning Vango Kalari 420 Caravan Awning

    Vango Kalari III 420 Caravan Awning (2019)

    A temporary caravan awning in the new Sentinel Lux Taslan fabric, the Vango Kalari 420 awning is a large awning, with plenty of living space and the ability to add an annex to enhance the living space.

    Regular Price: £1,250.00

    Special Price £1,099.00

  2. Kela V Low Kela V Low

    Vango Kela V Low AirAway Awning (2019)

    The perfect addition to your camper van, the Vango Kela V Low Air Away awning can be fitted onto vans between 180 and 210cm, making it perfect for the lower profile vehicle, such as the VW T4 / T5.Free Gift Available

    Regular Price: £660.00

    Special Price £589.00

  3. Galli III Tall Galli III Tall

    Vango Galli III Tall Awning (2019)

    The all-new Vango Galli III Tall awning, redesigned for 2019 to include added features and benefits to the camper. The Galli is a sideways sitting awning, which has the connection panel on the side of the awning, allowing you to maximise the living space outside of the motorhome or van.Free Gift Available

    Regular Price: £1,060.00

    Special Price £949.00

  4. Kela V Standard Drive Away Kela V Standard Drive Away

    Vango Kela V Standard AirAway Awning (2019)

    The Vango Kela V is a new and improved drive-away awning, which allows the camper to extend the profile, living and sleeping space of their camper van or motorhome. Improved with a new specification for 2019, with a 420 Denier Fabric, and a 6000mm waterproofing. Fits vans between the heights of 205-245cm.

    Regular Price: £650.00

    Special Price £589.00

  5. Kela V Tall Kela V Tall

    Vango Kela V Tall AirAway Awning (2019)

    The Vango Kela V Tall is a drive away, stand-alone awning, which has been vastly improved for the new camping season, offering a much more durable product, due to the new 420 Denier fabrics used to manufacture the product. Perfect for any vehicle or motorhome needing a quick pitching awning for a little extra living space, pitches within ten minutes.Free sky liner with each bundle

    Regular Price: £670.00

    Special Price £599.00

  6. Galli III Low Galli III Low

    Vango Galli III Low Airaway Awning (2019)

    The Vango Galli Low is a new drive away awning, which is free standing, and has the patented Airbeam system, allowing for quick pitching, within ten minutes.

    Regular Price: £1,000.00

    Special Price £899.00

  7. Rapide 250 Awning Rapide 250 Awning

    Vango Rapide III 250 Caravan Awning (2019)

    The Vango Rapide 250 is a sublime caravan awning, which offers additional living space. Easy to pitch, saving time and compromising on space, as it has a relatively small pack size.

    Regular Price: £500.00

    Special Price £449.00

  8. Rapide 350 Awning Rapide 350 Awning

    Vango Rapide II 350 Caravan Awning (2018)

    The Vango Rapide II 350 Caravan Awning is a lightweight, quick-pitching awning for those wanting added living and storage space for their caravan.Free Gift Available

    Regular Price: £600.00

    Special Price £399.20

  9. Darlington Air Tent Darlington Air Tent

    Outwell Darlington Motorhome Air Awning

    The Outwell Darlington Air Awning is perfect for those wanting a reliable, quick-pitching motorhome awning, which has a tunnel shape, plenty of living space and a peaked front porch to protect the front door from the elements.

    Regular Price: £599.00

    Special Price £325.00

  10. Figure of Eight Figure of Eight

    Vango DriveAway Kit for 4mm - 6mm Rails (3 Metre)

    Ideal for those wanting to attach their awning to a motorhome rail, or a Fiamma F45 awning, the attachment kit will provide a secure and stable attachment to your drive-away awning.

    Regular Price: £25.00

    Special Price £24.95


Items 1 to 10 of 163 total

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