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The Amazing Usefulness of Duct tape

[ 0 ] 21 August 2012 |

There are a few essential items when setting off for a walking or camping trip. Walking bots are a god idea, as is a waterproof jacket. A tent makes a lot of sense, too! But how about duct tape. Have you ever thought about taking a roll of this very sticky and durable tape with you when you head out into the countryside? No? Well, you might want to think again.

According to Kristin Hostetter, author of Don’t Forget the Duct Tape: Tips and Tricks for Repairing Outdoor Gear: “Duct tape is the single most useful repair tool you can carry on a backpacking trip, bar none.”


Here are a few things that can be done with duct tape:

  • Repair a tear in your tent, waterproof jacket or down jacket…
  • …If you want to make your repair more permanent you can iron it on. This will seal the sticky backing to the fabric.
  • If your zip breaks, try threading a thin strip of duct tape through the slider, then wrapping the tails with more duct-tape strips
  • If something is rubbing, say your rucksack waist belt, tape a t-shirt to each pad of the hip belt.
  • Temporarily repair a boot if the sole comes off mid-walk. Then, when you come to repair it after the walk, first use glue and then hold the sole in place by wrapping the duct tape around the boot.
  • Repair a tear in the tent groundsheet with a couple of strip of duct tape.
  • Duct tape can be used to tape a sprained ankle if you don’t have any athletic tape handy. Wrap it in the traditional figure-eight pattern right over your sock.
  • When you feel a sore spot developing while walking, it’s time to apply a patch of duct tape, for example to your heel or toe. This will help to prevent a blister forming as the tape cuts down heat caused by friction. You could also put a strip of tape over a rough spot inside the boot or shoe.
  • Use duct tape to splint a broken tent pole or fishing pole by taping a stick to the broken area.
  • Wrap duct tape around a disposable plastic bottle to stop it cracking on leaking while out and about in the great outdoors.
  • Use duct tape to stop the ends of rope, laces and webbing from fraying.
  • Create a spoon by getting clever with your duct tape. All it takes I a little imagination t fashion a spoon-shaped tool!

And if you’re wondering how you might carry your duct tape with you, why not wrap a generous amount around the middle of a walking pole – and leave bulky roll at home.

Have you put duct tape to good use?

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