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Vango Adventure tents – the ever popular Vango Sigma tent continues on for 2010

[ 0 ] 27 January 2010 |

The camping equipment industry in the Uk has grown in 2009 by approximately 30%. Campsites in the Uk have benefited from full capacity bookings and have been able to offer customers a better deal, with improved hygiene standards and on site entertainment. Pop festivals are also proving more and more popular. The industry believes that this trend will increase again in 2010 as the Country pulls out of recession.

For example the increase in camping in the Uk have benefited brands like Vango, Coleman, Gelert, Beyond and Outwell to name just a few. Vango have developed a range of adventure tents in dome and tunnel tents. These styles of tent are at the centre of many camping trips as they offer a great combination of technical features, space and value for money products. The sigma range is ideal for first time outdoor enthusiasts and festival campers who are looking for more options and choices in terms of of living space and for the outdoor adventurer who desire get away from the ‘rat race’ regularly for a couple of nights. Schools and youth groups are also drawn towards the Vango ‘sigma’ tent available in a range of sizes and it offers good value for money.

The advantage of the Vango Sigma tent over it’s rivals for example the Vango ‘Alpha’ range, is that the Sigma range pitches outer first. This is of great benefit when one wants to keep the inner dry whilst pitching in wet conditions. The powerflex fibreglass poles slide through the outer with ease and erect the dome structure outer fly sheet onto a quick and easy ring pin system. All the poles (3 in total) are colour coded to match the outer sleeves to avoid confusion during the pitching of tent.

The inner tents is clipped in after the tent is fully erected and pegged down. The fly sheet is taped for extra protection and is constructed of protex 2000 HH. This range comes in a variety of soft colours and sizes to suit. All guy ropes come pre attached and a tarp porch can be added as an extra for more living space. This tent is of semi-geodesic design, fire retardant and wind resistant. All good ingredients for a fun and comfortable camping experience. Most of this range will fit well into the back packing market. The Vango Sigma 250 will easily fit into a 65ltr rucksack, with a neat weight of 3.6kg and great pack size, Lots of tent for the money under £50.

Overall the Vango Sigma range offers a semi-geodesic design dome style tent, offering generous sleeping area and spacious single or double porches, at a very affordable price. Also worth a mention, all the poles are pre-angled to increase the usable space of this sturdy tent making it an attractive choice for motorcycle camping and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

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