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Where to find adult-only campsites

[ 0 ] 3 October 2012 |

What kind of camper are you? A family that can think of nothing better than a holiday with all the kids in tow and the fun and noise of the children running around enjoying themselves? Or are you a camper that prefers their campsites quiet and child-free? The latter type of camper is apparently on the rise, and to meet their requirements there are a number of a websites that list adult-only campsites in the UK.

While no two adult-only camping sites are the same, all have a no children policy. Most offer a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere and some offer communal social areas such as TV lounges, games rooms, golf courses and similar.

Of course, no one is saying that children shouldn’t be embraced in the outdoors world, but what some adults are sure about is that they prefer their holidays to be a kid-free zone. It is simply a matter of choice and in a population where many more people are choosing not to have children, it was only a matter of time before this sector was better catered for.

After all, it is not unusual to have guest houses and B&Bs with a no-children policy, so why not campsites?

One camper, who prefers the tranquillity of adult-only sites, is Mark. He says: “Children are great and I love my nephews very much but sometimes, when I go on holiday, I’m looking for time away from the noise and bluster of kids. Children should be allowed to make lots of noise and have loud fun when on holiday but I prefer not to be part of that. I like to sit at a quiet campsite and read a book or take in the view and not worry about being interrupted by playing children. So, knowing that I can choose a campsite, or indeed a B&B, that won’t have children is brilliant.”

Of course, there is no guarantee that the adult-only sits will not be noisy, too. A grown-up group with a few drinks can easily be as loud as a group of kids playing, but most of the adult-only sits also encourage a policy of no-noise after a certain time at night.

Most adult-only campsites restrict access – and even visiting – to people aged 18 and over only, while some sites have other age limits that can range between 14 and 25.

Listings of adult-only campsites

For listings of almost 170 adult only camping and touring sites in the UK see Adult Campsites If you own a campsite that is adult-only you can enquire about adding your site to the listings on the website.

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