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Interview with Aaron Bradford, World Traveller and Blogger

[ 0 ] 7 September 2011 |

Aaron Bradford is a 26 years old world traveller, entrepreneur, and writer from Thetford, a small town in Norfolk. Aaron has left the UK in April 2008 and has been travelling permanently around the world, since the beginning of his journey he has travelled to Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Aaron runs the Happy Time Blog a source of information for travellers, bloggers and digital nomads alike.

What are the 3 must have’s items in your backpack?

  1. Laptop – MacBook, an essential but I would settle for an iPhone if I had to, but that’s probably because I’m a blogger.
  2. A $100 bill. The greenback is the universal currency and a $100 bill is small enough to keep hidden but big enough to get you out of just about every sticky situation
  3. A pen – essential at borders, for keeping notes and names. At times a pen has been one of the most valuable items I’ve got on me.

What is the best thing about being nomad?

Freedom, (in every sense) from the normal daily grind, from the *cough cough* tax man, from circumstances that would normally mean I can’t watch the sunset with a beer and call it “work!”

What is the worst thing about being a nomad?

The people I leave behind. Whether family, friends or people I meet on the road.

Where is the most pleasantly surprising place you’ve ever been? i.e. you weren’t expecting it was so cool.

Laos… Everything about it caught me completely off guard. Being from the UK I was reluctant to go somewhere without a beach but stunning scenery and a nation of friendly people both charmed the socks off me (particularly along the road between Vang Vieng and Luang ProBang). I’ll probably live there someday!

What is your favourite national cuisine?

I would have to go with Thai Green Curry… Can’t get enough of it!

Do you ever feel homesick?

No… I miss my friends and family back home but not the UK. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing really wrong with the UK but rather I don’t really make much sense there…

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