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Meal Ideas for Camping

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Have some ready made meals lined up for your camping trip

Meal Ideas for Camping: A Guide

Meal Ideas for Camping: A Guide

So, you are all set for your big camping trip but you are not sure what to take to eat or what meals will be easy to cook. Don’t worry; simply check out our meal ideas for camping guide for some inspiration. A lot of the meals we suggest here are better than most pub meals you will pay thrice the amount for. A great tip is to have a ready set menu planned for some of the nights, that way you can prepare well in advance!

So: Why Cook Whilst Camping?

Whether you are at a festival or family camping with the kids, eating properly is really important to ensure you maximise the potential of your camping experience. Cooking in the outdoors is all part of the camping experience, and one you should certainly not miss out on. Also, it is one way of decreasing your expenditure, eating out every night soon adds up, and the chips and gravy you keep having for lunch is expanding your waistline.

Food & Drinks Checklist – Easy Cook / Ready Foods

Basic Foods Checklist

  • Bread, Buns, Fingers and Bagels
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Sauces – Red, Brown and otherwise
  • Fresh Water
  • Cordials
  • Orange Juice
  • Tea and Coffee

Tinned Foods Checklist (try and buy ring pull tins)

All tinned foods make for a quick and easy meal at lunchtime, giving you cheap and easy cooking options.

  • Spaghetti – perfect for Spaghetti on toast
  • Beans – beans, beans, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you…
  • Soup – a quick and simple meal to warm you up when it’s snowing in the middle of July.
  • Hot Dogs – who doesn’t love hotdogs? Easy to cook and tasty, just remember the ketchup.

Packet Foods

  • Soups – lighter than cans (but not as tasty)
  • Dried Onions – these are great for the hotdogs
  • Wayfarer Foods – survival food never tasted this good! The ideal meal for camping, easy to cook and can be eaten cold if you are desperate. My personal favourite is the Chocolate Cake. Yum
  • Couscous – finally we recommend something healthy. Couscous is a great camping meal; it’s easy to cook, delicious and good for you.
  • Noodles – Super Noodles are not the most nutritional meal. However, noodles can be useful for a quick bite to eat at a festival.
  • Cereal – cereals are full of nutrition and offer a healthy meal for the children for breakfast.
  • Crisps – ideal for snacks and something to put you on until you sit down to eat a meal.
  • Rice & Pasta – an easy cook partner for any type of meal.

Uncooked Meats

We always recommend buying meat fresh and then cooking it on the same day. Unless you have some kind of cool box, it is difficult to keep the meat fresh. Also, it can be hard to keep uncooked meats from cooked foods!  The last thing you need is food poisoning whilst camping so always take great care whilst cooking meat at a campsite.

Pre Cooked Meals

One great idea we picked upon is that you can pre cook a lot of meals at home and then take them along to warm them up on the campsite. Some ideas for pre-cooked meals include:

  • Bolognese – easy to cook before hand, then you can simply warm it up once you are settled on site. Also, take some fresh pasta and you have a great and tasty meal.
  • Chilli – Another no brainer, chilli is a simple but filling meal. Easy to cook before hand, just take some easy boil rice to accompany the chilli and that’s another night prepared for.
  • Soup – you can make a healthier soup at home and then take it along with you to warm up once on site. Great for lunch or supper!

One Pan Meal Ideas for Camping – Recipes

Time for a bit of plagiarism – the Good Food BBC website offers some great one pan meals for the camper. Its often hard to get two pans on the go when you are cooking on a campsite, so one pan meals are perfect. Check out our three favourite one-pan meals courtesy of the BBC good food guide:

Meal Ideas for Camping: Personal Favourite:

Chicken in Pesto & Crème Fraiche – not a one pan meal but it’s easy to make and very tasty. Just follow the instructions and you’re onto a winner. Handy Hint: add a bit of halloumi cheese into the mix for added taste.

Well, we certainly hope this helps you a little bit! The best thing to do is be prepared, have a few meal ideas ready and that should take the pressure off. If you feel we have missed anything from this blog, please drop us an email on info@outdoorworlddirect.co.uk.


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