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What does your tent say about you?

[ 0 ] 3 August 2012 |

Tents come in all shape and sizes, from uber-mini and lightweight to ultra plush and large. And we all choose one of these tents to suit our lifestyle, at that moment in time. So what does that tent say about you? (All ideas are for fun and should not, in any way, taken with huge seriousness!)

The bivvy bag: This says adventure. And off the beaten track. And quick and easy. A bivvy bag is made for ease of travel and speedy sleeping. Essentially a bivvy bag is a sleeping bag that is also waterproof and windproof. It is easy to erect, because there are not pegs or poles. You simply stop, when the end of the day of your particular adventure occurs, lay out the bivvy bag, climb inside and sleep.

The lightweight, two-man tent: This says looking for adventure and totally up for adventure but still looking for a little more comfort and cover than a bivvy bag. With a lightweight tent you can go walking, cycling or travelling with the tent stowed in your rucksack, yet still have the freedom to put the tent up wherever you stop for the night and enjoy the space, and waterproofness, of a tent.

The family tent: This says car to camping. Family tents are all about space, luxury and enjoying an outdoors holiday with all your family. Family tents have lots of space for sleeping and living. This is the kind of tent that you can pop in the car and not worry about the size of it, arrive at the campsite (with all the facilities, such as showers and toilet blocks) and enjoy a camping holiday with as much space as a small, semi-detached house. You might even have carpet in your family tent for extra luxury.

Yurts/teepee: This is top-quality luxury. A yurt doesn’t even need to be erected. You arrive at your yurt, complete with campbeds or airbeds, an open fire and lots of space and get on with enjoying an easy-going holiday, with all your family or friends. Yurts are glamping (glamorous camping) to the extreme!

Pop-up tents: No blog about tents would be complete without a reference to a pop-up tent kind of person. Pop up tents say fun, festivals and more than your fair share of booze! Enough said?!

Are there any we’ve missed?


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