Brexit Update


Update: We have temporarily paused sending parcels into Mainland EU countries, whilst new VAT rules and regulations are implemented. We aim to be able to offer delivery into the EU by the 12th July, 2021. Please check back for more information at a later date. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We ship parcels all over the world, we already have the commercial invoices and processes in place to remain shipping into the EU after Brexit.

The United Kingdom has now left the European Union, which will affect how our products are delivered inside the EU. 

What Does This Mean?

  • Deliveries will take a day or two longer.
  • You no longer pay the UK tax on purchases.
  • You may need to pay an import fee or the tax in your own country before delivery takes place.
  • You may have to pay an import fee if the product is made outside of the UK (which most products are)

UK & Northern Ireland


The UK, including Northern Ireland, will remain as usual, and your delivery will not be affected. Our business is located in the UK, and due to the fact Northern Ireland remains part of the UK, our deliveries to your region will be unaffected.

Do I need to pay taxes or an import fee for my parcel to be delivered to Northern Ireland?

No as the internal market covers us to send goods to Northern Ireland. The UK 20% tax rate will apply to your order.

There may be some additional paperwork on our end, to ensure your parcel arrives with you.

Rest of Europe

We have now removed VAT from delivery to all European countries on our website. However, you will now be liable for an import tax on your order as your order is arriving from outside of the European Union, which will come from your local government. It will be your tax rate in your own country. Examples below:

  • Austria: 20%
  • France: 20%
  • Germany: 19%
  • Ireland: 23% (21% during Corona Virus)
  • Italy: 22%
  • Poland: 23%
  • Portugal: 23%
  • Spain: 21%

Import Fees

You may have to pay an import fee on top of the VAT rate, if the products we send you are made outside of the UK, which 99.9% of the products we sell are - they are made in China or Vietnam. This fee differs from each country, and you would need to check with your local VAT office to double check this. The fee typically is around 12% depending on the country.

There is no doubt it is more expensive to order from outside the EU, if you live inside the EU, as you have more taxes and import duties to pay - so it is always wise to try and source your order locally - or check with your local government before placing the order to check what your costs may be to importing.