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Lighting is essential if you are camping for a few days. Outdoor World Direct can supply you with a wide range of lighting and heating solutions that will make life far easier for you during the night hours. We stock everything from head torches and lanterns to portable fans and heaters. Choose from super selection of bright wind up lanterns, tent heaters, and so much more. All of these items really are essential for any long camping trip or trek.

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Camp Lighting


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  1. Vango Sunbeam 450 Extension Kit

    The Vango Sunbeam 450 Extension kit enables you to add more lighting to your awning or tent. The 'warm' style of the 450 lumen light makes for a homely feel. This item has fastener straps and two 5 metre extension cables included.
  2. Genie 250 Lantern Genie 250 Lantern

    Vango Genie 250 Rechargeable Lantern

    The Vango Genie 250 lantern is a super accessory for camping, which has a charging system to allow it to charge via USB, for up to 40 hours of light from each charge.

    Regular Price: £30.00

    Special Price £19.99

  3. Aries Lamp Aries Lamp

    Outwell Aries LED Light Strip

    The Outwell LED strip lighting range is extremely impressive with a high light output and a useful dimmer switch to create a homely feel. The Aries is extremely compact and lightweight. The strip is waterproof, with long lasting LEDs for durability.

    Regular Price: £99.99

    Special Price £49.99

  4. Mira Lamp Mira Lamp

    Outwell Mira Lamp (Deep Blue)

    The Outwell Mira light features an impressive 360 lumen, soft light output, with an integrated dimmer for adaptability and a homely feel. When not in use, this stylish tent light folds flat, which, combined with its low weight, makes it extremely easy to transport. Comes with a 230v plug and 5 metre cable.

    Regular Price: £54.99

    Special Price £49.99

  5. Lyra Deep Blue Lyra Deep Blue

    Outwell Lyra Collapsible Lamp (Blue)

    The Outwell Lyra light provides a homely, ambient light with a 300 lumen output. This stylish light folds flat when not in use, and features a luxurious and impressive dimmer switch for unexpected homely comfort. A 5 metre cable and adjustable hanging feature make this an extremely functional item.

    Regular Price: £54.99

    Special Price £49.99

  6. Rocket 120 Lantern Rocket 120 Lantern

    Vango Rocket 120 Lantern (Herbal)

    Perfect for any outdoor experience, the Vango Rocket Lantern is aptly names, providing a bright amount of light using CREE LED's with a built-in battery for added convenience.

    Regular Price: £35.00

    Special Price £29.99

  7. Vango Galaxy 150 Lantern

    The Vango Galaxy 150 Lantern is a 150 lumen lantern with a 15 hours battery life (requires 3 x D batteries). A well priced, good all round lantern with cheerful design and a convenient carry handle.
  8. Vango Sunbeam 450 Starter Set Vango Sunbeam 450 Starter Set

    Vango Sunbeam 450 Starter Set

    The Vango Sunbeam 450 Starter Set grants 450 lumen strength 'warm' light via two impact resistant LED strips. Two 5 meter extension cables and 10 fastener strips grant versatility, whilst a on/off switch gives the product a homely feel.

    Regular Price: £60.00

    Special Price £44.99

  9. Star 85 Lantern Herbal Star 85 Lantern Herbal

    Vango Star 85 Lantern

    The Vango Star 85 is designed as a fun latern for festival, family camping and tabletop use. It can sit on a flat surface or hang down via a hook, with two light settings for high or low light output.

    Regular Price: £11.00

    Special Price £8.99

  10. Canopus 1200 LED Canopus 1200 LED

    Outwell Canopus 1200 LED Light Strip

    The Outwell Canopus 1200 LED light strip is a really powerful LED strip light, ideal for lighting the interior of the awning or tent.

    Regular Price: £80.00

    Special Price £59.99


Items 1 to 10 of 65 total

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