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Outdoor World Direct stocks a wide range of single and double airbeds and pumps, from esteemed manufacturers such as Outwell, Coleman and Campingaz, all of which have guarantees to ensure their airbeds do not leak.

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  1. Reel Double Airbed Reel Double Airbed

    Outwell Reel Double Airbed

    Perfect for those wanting a hard-wearing double airbed, which will not lose shape or stability, the Outwell Reel Double airbed is new for 2016, and offers a unqie airbed, which has horizontal channels of air.

    Regular Price: £50.00

    Special Price £44.99

    As low as: £39.99
  2. Vapour 60 Vapour 60

    Robens Vapour 60 Airbed

    The Robens Vapour 60 is amongst the lightest, most comfortable, compact airbeds available, offering a super-small pack size, and insulation from the cold ground.

    Regular Price: £55.99

    Special Price £44.99

  3. Wonderland Double Wonderland Double

    Outwell Wonderland Double Airbed System

    The Outwell Wonderland Double airbed system is the perfect addition to your camping arsenal, offering a comfortable double airbed with a memory foam topper, for added comfort and insulation from the cold ground.

    Regular Price: £185.99

    Special Price £149.99

  4. Wonderland Single Wonderland Single

    Outwell Wonderland Single Airbed System

    New for 2019, the Outwell Wonderland Single Airbed features a quilted topper, with a memory foam cover, for the ultimate in camping comfort.

    Regular Price: £111.99

    Special Price £89.99

  5. Thermocore Mattress Thermocore Mattress

    Vango Thermocore 6.5cm Air Mattress

    The Thermocore mattress is perfect for travellers, lightweight backpackers, cyclists, Scouts, who all require a small pack-size mattress, with an excellent depth of 6.5cm.

    Regular Price: £90.00

    Special Price £69.99

  6. Single Airbed Single Airbed

    Vango Single Airbed (Grey)

    The Vango Single Airbed is a basic single airbed, with a coil beam construction, ideal for those requiring a quality single airbed for home use or for camping trips.

    Regular Price: £17.00

    Special Price £14.99

  7. Quickbed Single Airbed Quickbed Single Airbed

    Campingaz Convertible Quickbed Airbed

    The ideal airbed for camping or for home use, the Convertible Quickbed offers a comfortable, durable airbed, which can be versatile to the end user's needs.

    Regular Price: £45.00

    Special Price £34.99

  8. Inflatable Double Sofa Bed Inflatable Double Sofa Bed

    Vango Inflatable Double Sofabed

    The Vango Sofabed is perfect for those wanting a versatile inflatable chair, which can double up as a bed of an evening.

    Regular Price: £90.00

    Special Price £69.99

  9. Double Airbed Double Airbed

    Vango Double Airbed (Grey)

    Perfect for home use or for camping, the Double Airbed by Vango provides a good night's sleep, and takes you off the cold ground.

    Regular Price: £28.00

    Special Price £24.99

  10. Hi Rise Airbed by Vango Hi Rise Airbed by Vango

    Vango Hi Rise Double Airbed

    Building upon the comfortable flocked finish and supportive coil beam construction of other Vango mattresses, the Vango Hi-Rise Airbed adds extra length and width for spaciousness, as well as extra height to make the bed easier to get in or out of, whether used indoors at a sleepover or on long camping trips.

    Regular Price: £55.00

    Special Price £39.99


Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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