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Coleman Event Shelter Pro 15*15 (2018)

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The Coleman Event Shelter Pro 15*15 is a large communal shelter, perfect for camping in the summer or for the garden, offering superb protection from the wind and rain. Bundle Deals Available

The Coleman Event Shelter Pro 15*15 (4.5m by 4.5m) is perfect for those wanting a more weatherproof Event Shelter, with a Polyester, 150 Denier, 600mm flysheet. Perfect for summer camping or for use in the background, the Event Shelter Pro has a proven UV Guard to make sure you are protected from the sun in the hotter temperatures.

  • 19mm Steel Poles
  • Sturdy foot and pole connector
  • State of the art design
  • Taped Seams
  • 1000mm flysheet
  • Wind Tested

More Information
Year of Manufacture2018
Hydrostatic Head (mm)1500

Hydrostatic Head (Tents) – a waterproof rating for technical fabrics measured in mm. The higher the rating the more waterproof the fabric is. A rating of 1500mm is deemed waterproof, but on a tent, look for a rating of 3000 or higher. Measured by the height of water column a fabric weave can take before it begins to “sweat”. “Polycotton” tents will not have a Hydrostatic Head level, as they are not treated for waterproofing.

DoorsOpen on four sides
Flysheet FabricPolyester PU Coated Flysheet - 1000mm

Polyester – a synthetic fibre, made from polymer units to create a textile fabric. Polyester is the most popular fabric for tent manufacturing, as it is durable, reliable and lighter in weight. Polyester does not breathe though, which creates more condensation.

Polycotton - a blend of polyester and cotton, primarily cotton (usually around 65% cotton / 35% polyester split). Polycotton is a more natural fabric for camping, as it is breathable, far more durable material, reducing the effects of condensation. Offers greater versatility in hot and cold climates.

Ripstop Nylon – a durable material used in tents which is strong and repairable due to its Ripstop properties.

Groundsheet FabricPE Groundsheet - sold separately
Fire RetardantYes

Fire Retardant – all modern tent fabrics are fire-retardant under EN5912 European Safety Laws. Caution with fire must always be used, as flame retardant fabrics, will still catch fire given the right circumstances.

Height (cm)228
Length (cm)450
Width (cm)450
Pack Size (cm)100 * 22 * 35
Weight (kg)22

Double Skin Tent – A tent with an inner bedroom and a flysheet, most family tents are designed as a “Double Skin tent”, as it makes the tent more comfortable, and lessens the effects of condensation.

Floor Dimensions450 * 450
Poles or AirSteel

Most tent structure are either Airbeam or Poled in design, both have advantages and disadvantages. Air tents are quicker to pitch, but more expensive when compared to traditional pole style tents. Some tents are hybrids, and combine poles and air technologies.

Number of Poles / Beams6 Poles
Pitching Time20 Minutes
Pitching Area (cm)500 * 500
Recommended UsePerfect for using at a campsite or in the garden as a communal shelter
  • Optional Extras - Shelter Door, Groundsheet and Walls
  • Polyester 150 Denier hard wearing flysheet
  • Great protection from the sun and rain
  • Fantastic design

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