Delivery Information


European Union Delivery Costs:

If you live outside of the UK and wish to place an order, please add the items you wish to buy to the cart, then change the shipping country from UK to whichever country you live in, then our shipping estimator will work it out for you. The charge is worked out by the weight of the products purchased. Please be aware that delivery can take 5 -7 days depending on where you are based in Europe. Northern European destinations generally take 2 - 3 days, where as southern and eastern European destination, can take up to 7 working days. If unsure, please contact us on info @

Brexit Update: Please see our updated Brexit Information page. Due to the UK no longer being inside of the EU, there will be some additional costs to your parcel arriving, and you may be liable to pay the VAT or import charges on your side of the import. However, you no longer pay the UK 20% VAT rate, which we now remove from your order at the point of purchase. However, you need to pay your local tax rate, and potentially an import fee if the products are made outside of the UK.

Estimated EU delivery costs are as follows:

Austria - £12 per box
Belgium - £10 per box
Czech Republic - £16 per box
Denmark - £12.50 per box
Finland - £20 per box
France - £10 per box
Germany - £10 per box
Italy - £17 per box
Luxembourg - £10 per box
Jersey - £25 per box
Netherlands - £10 per box
Poland - £16 per box
Slovakia - £17 per box
Spain - £17 per box
Sweden - £42 per box
Greece - £30 per box
Republic of Ireland - £12 per box
Portugal - £20 per box
Estonia - £21 per box
Hungary - £25 per box 
Slovenia - £25 per box
Lithuania - £25 per box
Latvia - £22 per box

Worldwide Delivery (Shipping outside the EU)

  1. Delivery to Australia
  2. Delivery to Canada & USA & Japan

Buying from outside the European Union

Shipping outside of the EU is now an option from our website, allowing you to place your order via the website. To check the cost of delivery, please use the Shipping Estimator, in the Cart to check the cost of delivery to your country. Most of our items are oversized, heavy tents, and therefore shipping them is no easy task.

The Good News:

Customers from outside the EU will not have to pay our VAT (Value Added Tax) cost, due to your order being delivered outside of the UK. So you will automatically save 20% on our UK prices. Once you add all the items you want to your cart, change the shipping country from UK to whichever country you reside. You will then see, 20% is removed from your shopping cart.


You will be liable to pay any incurred Import Taxes or Duties on receipt in your own country. For example, in the USA, orders over $1600 will have to pay an import tax. Or product which are made in certain regions of the world may face an import tax. Check with your local customs office to see the rates in your country. Also due to the fact most items are manufactured in China, there may be a tariff on your import. You will need to check this with the country in which you reside. These costs will be charged directly to you by the local customs office, therefore it is important you check this before placing an order, as we will not be liable for any import taxes you may face.


We use TNT to ship your parcel, and they provide full tracking, we anticipate most orders are delivered in 7-10 working days. We cannot be held liable if the parcel is delayed due to the imports checking system.

Costs of Delivery

Our shipping costs are worked out based on volumetric weights, therefore the price of delivery depends on the weight of products in the cart.

1. Australia


Australia Shipping (KG)


0-5 £40


10-15 £60
15-20 £65
20-25 £75
25-30 £80
30-35 £85
35-40 £90
40-45 £100
45-50 £110
50-55 £120
55-60 £130
60-65 £140
65-70 £150
70-75 £160
80-85 £180
85-90 £190
90-95 200

2. Delivery to USA / Canada / Japan


USA / Canada / Japan Shipping (KG)


0-5 £69.99


10-15 £79.99
15-20 £89.99
20-25 £99.99
25-30 £150.00
30-35 £160.00
35-40 £170.00
40-45 £180.00
45-50 £190.00
50-55 £200.00
55-60 £210.00
60-65 £220.00
65-70 £230.00
70-75 £240.00
80-85 £250.00
85-90 £260.00
90-95 £270.00