Fixing a Twisted Vango Airbeam

On rare occassions on the larger Air tents, a small issue may develop with your tent, whereby the front or rear tube develops a twist in the beam. Below is a technical instruction guide from Vango on how to fix an issue should the unlikely event of it occuring, happen.

Why does a Beam Twist?

  • The tent’s components are designed to pack down into a small volume - which includes the pivoting and folding of the beams.  When re-pitching, this ‘twist’ will very often disappear naturally, however if the twist remains, the following tips will help to improve the look and stability of your tent.
  • The webbing straps have been pulled down too tight, deforming the shape of the tube.
  • Severely strong wind has hit the front or rear of the tent, causing the tube to deform.

How to Fix the Twisted Airbeam

  1. Begin by reducing the pressure on the TBS, webbing straps and guylines so they are not impacting on the position and height of the tent. These TBS, webbing straps & guylines are storm straps and should only come into full tension when the tent is being deformed by the wind.
  2. Ensure that the beams ends are correctly secured to the groundsheet velcro attachment points. It is important that the beam zips face toward each other directly. Any deviation of this can cause a beam to twist. To realign the velcro it is easier when the beam is partially deflated.
  3. Try fully deflating and inflating the beam 2 or 3 times. (If this doesn't resolve the twist, see point 4).
  4. Inflate the beam to 5 PSI, unzip the tent sleeve and allow the beam to take its natural position, push the beam up in the centre and let go. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times.
  5. Close the tent sleeve zip, do not force it if it is tight, reduce the pressure in the beam until you can zip the tents sleeve easily. Inflate the beam to its normal pressure, repeat this process if required.
  6. Tension your TBS, webbing straps and guylines loosely where appropriate.

What Happens If this Does Not Work

If the actions taken above do not fix the twisted beam - and it is still severely twisted into an S shape, I would recommend getting in touch with the retailer who sold your tent to you, and asking them to collect and send the tent back to Vango's Repair Centre in Glasgow, who will remedy the situation by repairing or replacing the beam and sleeve.

Glossary of Terms

  • Beam : Tube and cover with full length zip which should be cable tied
  • Tent sleeve: Hides the beam from view normally
  • TBS: Internal tension band system, to aid storm stability only, do not over tension.
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