How to Pack Away an Airbeam Tent

Without Family Arguments!

Setting down camp can be one of the worst parts of camping, and getting the tent back in the bag can be a mind-boggling job! How can something so easy to put up, be such a pain to pack away.

Don’t panic, we're here to help, with our quick-fire guide on how to pack your airbeam tent away.

Pack the Tent DRY!

  1. Firstly, we must always advise that you should pack your tent away dry, to avoid a smell and mould building up inside your tent.
  2. In the worst case scenario, that you do pack away the tent wet, we highly advise getting it back out to dry it properly at the earliest available convenience.

Failure to pack the tent away dry leads to black spots, bad smells and these issues will not be covered under warranty by ourself or the manufacturer.

Packing Away your Tent

The easiest way to describe this process is to split it into three phases.

First Phase (Before deflating the beams)

Before you set down the tent, you need to prepare the tent for set down - to ensure that you make it as easy to fold as possible.

  1. Remove everything from inside the tent, any accessories like the carpet etc.
  2. Make sure the tent pockets are empty.
  3. Zip / toggle fully all the windows inside the tent.
  4. All the tent doors should be 3/4 closed. So 1/4 open to allow the airflow outside of the tent.
  5. If the doors are all closed, then the air will get trapped inside the inner tents and sewn-in groundsheet.

Once you have followed these steps, you are ready to move onto the next phase

Second Phase (Flattening the Tent)

  1. Double check the tent is clear / empty
  2. Double check all curtains are closed, doors 3/4 closed.
  3. Let the air out of each beam, by opening the valve
  4. Leave the valves on open.
  5. Let the tent collapse to the ground.
  6. Unpeg the tent completely.
  7. Take your shoes off, and walk along the beam towards the out valve.
  8. This will compress any air from the tent.
  9. If the tent has a porch - fold the porch back over the sewn-in groundsheet

Third Phase (Folding and Packing the tent)

Once you get to the stage where the porch is folded back over the tent, you should have a nice rectangular shape.

  1. Get the tent bag, put this at the end of the tent so you can fold the tent to the same size.
  2. Place one person at the rear left of the tent
  3. Place one person at the front left of the tent.
  4. Then together fold the tent in quadrants towards the out valve.
  5. Usually four folds does it perfectly.
  6. Start rolling from the rear of the tent, as tightly as you can.
  7. The bag should be right by you, once you are done, with the straps inside
  8. Strap the tent together, and then place bag over the tent.

It is always best to wrap the pump and pegs separately, unless you’ve done this process a few times.

Folding the tent is easy, when you know how.

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