Vango Single Point Inflation - (Airbeam S.I Pro)

In 2021, Vango released their new, and revolutionary Airbeam technology, which allows their Airbeam tents or awnings, to be inflated from one point on the tent or awning. Traditionally, Vango's Air design system has always worked on "stand-alone" Airbeam technology, but 2021, the 10 year anniversary of Airbeam, sees the new system come into play on selected tents and awnings.

Are Single Point Inflation Tents New?

Those experienced campers, will know single point inflation is nothing new, it has been in the market since Air tents were first designed in the early 2000's. However, the new design of Single Point Inflation makes a huge difference, because of the method the single-inflation pro technology works. With traditional single point air tubes, if you are unfortunate to encounter a leak, the entire tent will begin to deflate, and you will need to reinflate the tent, and then cut off each tube to work out where the leaking tube is within the tent.

How is S.I Pro Different?

  1. You can still independently inflate each tent beam if you want too.
  2. (Automatic Isolation of Beams) S.I pro is a one-way air system, which means a deflating beam, will not influence and deflate the other beams, and that one beam will deflate, and not the entire tent as with other systems. (Design protected by European Patents)
  3. Hassle-free set up - You do not need to cut the beams off individually like you would on a competitor system.
  4. Hassle-free set down - Delation Valve remains on every beam, making packing away much easier than forcing air from one tube.
  5. Parallel Inflation - the air goes into one beam, and then goes into several beams, allowing the tent to inflate at the same time for each tube. 

How to Use S.I Pro?

It's easy!

  1. Unpack your tent or awning.
  2. Connect to van / motorhome if application.
  3. Peg loosely
  4. Use Vango Phantom Pump or Turbo Pump to inflate your tent from the S.I Pro valve (photo below). Make sure all other beams are locked and closed, so the air does not escape.

S.I Pro Inflation System

What Models in the S.I Pro on?

Well in 2021, the technology is very new, and is only on selected production models, such as


  • Anantara III TC Tent

Caravan Awnings

  • Balletto 200 Awning
  • Balletto 300 Awning
  • Balletto 400 Awning
  • Rivera 320 Awning

However, as we move on into 2022, I would expect a lot more models to feature the Single Point Technology, and it will become more a part of the range, especially with caravan awnings, as this is where the system is most effective to the end user.

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