Outwell 4*3 Guy Rope

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Luminous guy lines are far easier to see in the dark and represent a useful solution to a well known camping hazard.
Luminous guy line is a new innovation that prevents tripping hazards whilst camping. The luminous guyline is more reflective and easier to see in the dark which ensures people do not keep tripping over them. Also they are often one of the accessories overlooked, however guy lines are most essential for pitching tents as they ensure that the structure remains stable and helps to keep the tent taught. Benefits - Added strength and stability to the tent structure - Luminous - stops people tripping/easier to see in the dark
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Fire RetardantNo

Fire Retardant – all modern tent fabrics are fire-retardant under EN5912 European Safety Laws. Caution with fire must always be used, as flame retardant fabrics, will still catch fire given the right circumstances.