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Ripple 380SA Awning
Ripple 380SA Awning Floorplan Drawings Persective Mesh Panel Pole-free seal system Double-action pump Side Wings Reflective Webbing 360 Curtains Removable Front Panel Bracer Beams


Outwell Ripple 380SA Caravan Awning (2018)

Quick Overview

The Ripple 380SA awning by Outwell, part of the Nordic collection of caravan awnings, designed to offer a premium awning to caravanners wanting to expand their living and storage space of their caravans. The Ripple has plenty of innovative features, such as the Smart Air design, the fully removable front panel to open the awning, and the mesh panels on the side doors for added venting.

ends 2nd December, 2019

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The Outwell Ripple 380SA caravan awning is an innovative design of awning, which will fit onto many different sized caravans. The Ripple offers adequate living space, with a 2.5 metre depth and a 3.8 metre width, giving lots of versatile living space outside of the caravan. The Ripple 380SA is manufactured using a Outtex 6000mm, 300 denier polyester fabric, which is hard-wearing and weather tested to ensure its capable of standing up to the conditions.

  • Outtex 6000mm - 300 Denier Fabric
  • Removable front panel if weather is nice
  • Side Doors with full mesh panels.
  • Pre-attached 7mm kador strip for attaching to caravan.

Additional Information

Fabric Denier No

Denier - a measurement used to determine the thickness of the tent flysheet. It relates to the fibre thickness, or thread counts used. The thicker the fabric, generally the stronger, and more durable the fabric will be. The denier really reflects the lifetime to be expected of the tent, and how quickly, it will be affected by UV Degradation.

Awning Type Caravan Seasonal (Temporary)

Seasonal: A caravan awning specifically designed for touring, and temporary camping pitches. Ideal for fair weather campers, needing an awning for shorter trips. Usually uses lighter fabrics, for easier portability, and easier pitching.

Residential: Ideal for those camping for longer durations, wanting an awning that can be left pitched all season, or for a month or more at a time. Residential awnings usually use heavier weight fabrics, designed to last longer, and not fade as fast in the UV sunshine rays.

DriveAway VW Awnings: Designed to go onto VW or similar vans, or motorhomes with the correct attachment height. Can be left free-standing at the site if you need your vehicle to get off-site.

Fixed VW Awnings: Reliant on the van or motorhome for the structure of the product. Van cannot be removed offsite once the awning is set up.

Fitting-Height (Awnings) 240 - 255cm
Kador Length (cm) 60 * 320 * 60
Manufacturer Outwell
Tent Collection Outwell Nordic Shore Awnings
Year of Manufacture 2018
Hydrostatic Head (mm) 6000

Hydrostatic Head (Tents) – a waterproof rating for technical fabrics measured in mm. The higher the rating the more waterproof the fabric is. A rating of 1500mm is deemed waterproof, but on a tent, look for a rating of 3000 or higher. Measured by the height of water column a fabric weave can take before it begins to “sweat”. “Polycotton” tents will not have a Hydrostatic Head level, as they are not treated for waterproofing.

Colour No
Berth No

Berth – This shows the number of people that the tent can sleep within the inner tents of a model of tent, in line with the industry standard. Normal procedure is to look for a slightly larger tent, for example, a family of four usually purchase a five or six berth tent, to give added room and comfort.

No. Bedrooms No
Doors 2 Front Doors (fully removable panel) / 2 Side Doors with full mesh lining
Flysheet Fabric Outtex 6000mm flysheet - 300 Denier polyester fabric

Polyester – a synthetic fibre, made from polymer units to create a textile fabric. Polyester is the most popular fabric for tent manufacturing, as it is durable, reliable and lighter in weight. Polyester does not breathe though, which creates more condensation.

Polycotton - a blend of polyester and cotton, primarily cotton (usually around 65% cotton / 35% polyester split). Polycotton is a more natural fabric for camping, as it is breathable, far more durable material, reducing the effects of condensation. Offers greater versatility in hot and cold climates.

Ripstop Nylon – a durable material used in tents which is strong and repairable due to its Ripstop properties.

Groundsheet Fabric No
Inner Fabric No
Window Fabric Tinted windows with anti-crease technology / 360 curtains to cover windows from all angles
Height (cm) 240 - 255cm / 205cm tall at lowest point
Length (cm) 380
Width (cm) 250
Weight (kg) 27.500
Pole Bag Weight (kg) No
Skin Single

Double Skin Tent – A tent with an inner bedroom and a flysheet, most family tents are designed as a “Double Skin tent”, as it makes the tent more comfortable, and lessens the effects of condensation.

Pack Size (cm) 90 * 45 * 40
Bedroom Dimensions (cm) No
Bedroom 2 Dimensions (cm) No
Supplied With
  • Supplied with double-action pump and gauge
  • Pole-free sealing system
  • Tension and webbing straps for securing awning
  • Pre-attached 7mm kador rail to slide into awning groove
Floor Dimensions 380 * 250
Pitching Order Slide the awning into the rail, and then position it where it needs to be, then inflate from single inflation point, on right hand side of awning.
Poles Diameter / Beam Size No
Poles or Air No

Most tent structure are either Airbeam or Poled in design, both have advantages and disadvantages. Air tents are quicker to pitch, but more expensive when compared to traditional pole style tents. Some tents are hybrids, and combine poles and air technologies.

Number of Poles / Beams Three Main Air Beams, with bracer struts for added strength and structure
Fire Retardant Yes

Fire Retardant – all modern tent fabrics are fire-retardant under EN5912 European Safety Laws. Caution with fire must always be used, as flame retardant fabrics, will still catch fire given the right circumstances.

Pitching Time 10 - 15 minutes
Pitching Area (cm) 400 * 300
Recommended Use Perfect for the caravan owner wanting a smaller awning, with the top end features such as Pole-free pitching, and quick erect design.
Specifications No
  • Integrated air tube system for easier pitching, and a strong, stable awning structure.
  • Pre-attached 7mm kador rail system for threading into caravan groove.
  • Pole-free seal system tightly and holds the awning safely and securely against the caravan.
  • Side rain shield, covers side doors making entry / exit in rain easier.
  • Pre-angled air tubes for a better height and living space.
  • Draught skirt seals off bottom of caravan to prevent draughts.
  • Fully removable front panel allows you to remove entire front of awning in good weather conditions.
  • 360 Curtains with seaweed pattern, offering flexibility, and maximum shade from the sun. You can fully zip, half zip, full roll away and open part way, take your choice.
  • A fabric panel ensures draught protection between caravan and cold ground.
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