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We always have taken our role in looking after your Data Privacy very seriously. Please read below to see how we use your data, how long we hold the data for, why we hold the data - and how we secure this information. Please read our Privacy Policy to see how we are working within the new European GDPR rules.

We are an online company, with one high street store, and one camping showroom.
Unit 7, Roundwood Industrial Estate, 
Outdoor World Piazza Centre (Town Centre Store)
Outdoor World
33/34 Princess Alexandra Walk
Company Number is 4945631,
You can contact our data privacy officer directly on

What Information do We Collect?

Browsing on the website:
If you are browsing our website, please be advised we may record the following or cookies may be being used:
1) IP Address / Device using to browse the website
2) Pages visited on the website
3) We use cookies to allow our website to function effectively
4) If you have come from an affiliate page, there will be a tracking cookie, which will track your progress throughout our website.
5) Our affiliate marketers are Affilinet - read their privacy policy.
If you create an account within our website, or add information into our website when placing an order, we retain the following:
1) Name
2) Email Address
3) Telephone Contact
4) Address
5) Country
6) Order Items or Cart
We may also take this information if you place an order in-store, at any trade events or for sales via our tent showroom - this is for warranty purposes or for customers who are taking out finance to purchase their product.

What are we doing with the information we collect?

We use your data to process your order effectively, whether its to help verify the address against payment method, or to ship the goods to your address.

Payment Information

ONLINE Payment Methods
If you choose to pay on our website, please be aware:
1) We never directly receive / store payment information captured online on our own server - we use Sage Pay Server Payments to process transactions securely online, and they alone deal with the debit / credit card data. We use Sagepay's secure iFrame, meaning you are never entering card details onto our website server directly. The online payments are in compliance with PCI DSS standards, and we are approved by the Worldpay Safe Seller Program. For more information, please visit this page, which explains about Server Payments.
2) We also use Third Party Payment methods such as Paypal, Amazon Payments, or Close Brothers Finance to process transactions, which will all take you away from our website, to capture payments securely on their own platforms.
3) Paying on the phone - we process the sale via a chip and pin machine directly, we then keep the receipts for a 6 month period in case of chargebacks / refunds. These receipts are then destroyed. We store receipts in a safe on site, but they are useless without the CVC code from the back of your card - and this information is never stored or kept.
In Store Payment Methods
INSTORE Orders - Tent Showroom Sales
1) Once more we take your address, for warranty purposes, and we will keep this information on file for the length of the warranty period. Usually 3 years.
2) We use a Credit / Debit card machine, which securely processes the transaction via chip and pin. Any receipts from this machine, are stored for 6 months in case of chargebacks and as proof of the transaction. After 6 months, we will destroy the receipts. The receipts are stored in a safe on our premises, but the 16 digit numbers cannot be used without the CVC code, which we do not store or keep records of.
3) If you place your order in store, we will never share your address details with anyone, unless we need to send you a part / or collect the items from your house under warranty. In this event, we may share your data with manufacturer’s and parcel carriers, who will in turn use this information to collect / replace the product.
INSTORE - High Street Store
1) We do not take any name or details, we merely take the payment and issue you a till receipt and card receipt.
2) The merchant card receipts are stored in a safe on our site.
3) After 6 months, these receipts are destroyed.
4) Refund Policy - if you bring goods back to our High Street Store, we will ask for your address postal code and house number - this is a security policy, so we can make sure all refunds are being processed without fraudulent purposes. This information is not used unless we suspect foul play in refunds.


We do not undertake any form of Email Marketing and have not done since 2012, the only time you will hear from us, is if you create an order, or an account to shop with us.
When do we email you?
1) When you place an order.
2) When we have an issue with your order and need to contact you. (IE out of stock item)
3) When there is a warranty issue with your order.
4) If we process a refund / or additional sale with consent.
5) We need to do a product recall.

Who do we Share your Information With?

1) Any information shared, is purely to process your order, not for marketing purposes.

2) We do share your information with TNT, DPD or any parcel freight company we use. This is so we can deliver your product directly to you.

3) We share your email address with Trustpilot to gather product and service reviews.

4) If you develop an issue with your product, we may have to share your order details, address and contact details with the manufacturer to resolve your warranty issue.

5) We do not use email marketing, and you will not get marketing style emails from us. Nor do we ever sell or pass on your details to third party marketers.

6) We will only use your information to contact you in regards to your order - IE if there’s an issue, or warranty case or a delivery issue or product recall.

7) We also share your data with payment providers, so they can process the transaction online, and verify the card matches the delivery address.

Your Rights

1) You are entitled to request access to your personal information (commonly known as a "data subject access request"). This enables you to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you and to check that we are lawfully processing it.

2) Request correction of the personal information that we hold about you - IE a change of address. This enables you to have any incomplete or inaccurate information we hold about you corrected.

3) Request deletion of your information. This enables you to ask us to delete or remove any personal information where there is no good reason for us continuing to retain it.

Website Security

Security is essential to securing data, and we are taking the following steps to make sure our website is secure to use.

1) Our website database system, can only be accessed from trusted locations (1 or 2 locations globally). This makes it harder for an intruder to gain access.

2) We never touch your personal payment data (credit / debit card) details if you pay online via the website. We use external third party payment providers such as Paypal / Sagepay (via IFrame) to process all your transactions via the website. Therefore, the payment provider is responsible for securing payment information as you are not entering card data directly on our website but onto their servers. This is in accordance to PCI DSS Compliancy.

3) Any transactions taken over the telephone or in-store are entered directly into a card machine, we store the receipts in a locked safe within our building. These receipts, do not contain the CVC code, meaning they cannot be used to process additional payments, only used to provide customer refunds. After 6 months, these receipts are incinerated.

Most importantly - we use a leading External Digital Security Agency, to manage our complete overall website security.
How do we do this?

1) Security WAF - We employ a security WAF (Web Application Firewall) - this essentially monitors all traffic before it arrives onto our website, prevents attacks before they can take place, and stops Robot style attacks on our servers. For more information about WAF’s, please see here.

2) Malware Scanning - our website is scanned constantly for signs of malware, which may attempt to steal data. The malware scanner used is updated by our security company, and managed by their system. With a combination of malware scanning and a Web Application Firewall, we are doing all we can to secure our website.

Retention of Data

We retain your data for a reasonable length of time in relation to product warranty (four years) - our average product warranty is 2 - 3 years, but we will retain data for an added year so we can assist you with an issue should your product start to wear down. For example, by retaining what items you ordered, it allows us to order new parts once they are required.  We need this data to know which year model product you have so we can help with the correct parts. After a reasonable length of time, we delete this data (4 years). Any inactive User Accounts, which have not been accessed for four or more years, will also be deleted from our servers.

I want to Delete my Account with OutdoorWorldDirect

If you want to delete the account set up within OutdoorWorldDirect, please email us on, and we will delete the account within 24 hours. Alternately, you can call us on 01924 265457, and we will delete it there and then on the telephone.

I want to any information OutdoorWorldDirect hold on me?

We can delete your information after 2 years has expired - please contact us on with your order reference, and we will delete the order and information associated.

Key Points of our Data Policy: 

  1. We do not process payment data online on our own servers (we use Sagepay / Paypal / Amazon Payments)
  2. We use an external Digital Security agency to manage all of our website security to help prevent breaches and attacks.
  3. We only share your data with Parcel Carriers and Trustpilot
  4. We may share your data with manufacturers should you develop a warranty issue
  5. We never use email marketing to contact you.
  6. We never share your data for marketing purposes.
  7. We will never sell your data onto any third party.
  8. We delete your order information automatically after a reasonable length of time.
  9. Our site uses cookies to track your progress on our website.
  10. If you have come from an affiliate site - Example - a discount code website, there may be a tracking cookie following your progress through this site. To remove this - you should clear the history / cache of your browser, and then refresh the website.
  11. You can delete information we have about you at any time after 2 years after your order, by emailing us and asking us to remove any information we hold. It will still be automatically deleted after a certain length of time.

Privacy Policy, Last Modified 23rd May, 2018