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Robens Denali Tent Stove

Special Price £225.00 Regular Price £249.99
Available: 10th February, 2020
Tapping into the romanticism of the prospectors of the American past, this wood burning stove slots into specially designed ports in Robens outback tents. Stable, portable and easy to use with a flat cooking surface, this stove can be part of a unique camping experience.

The Robens Denali stove, combined with the Robens Outback range of tents, harks back to the idyllic romanticism of America's historical prospectors, reminiscent of old sepia photographs. Certain Robens tents have ports to incorporate this stove. The product itself is a wood burning, easy to assemble stove with a flat cooking surface which can be removed to access the firebox below. The stovepipe has a flue protector, and slots through the ports in Robens Outback tents for fume disposal. Part of a unique, classy, nostalgic overall experience available through Robens.

  • Burns Wood
  • Removable top plate for access to fire pit
  • Carry bag included
  • Portable with carry handle
  • Legs fold to reduce pack size
  • Gloves included
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