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The Tent Commandments

The Tent Commandments - camping tips


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Follow The Tent Commandments – and Hallelujah your holiday!

Follow our Tent Commandments to make your camping holidays as enjoyable as possible! This list of ten top camping tips for having fun in the great outdoors has been complied by seasoned campers who have survived their fair share of nights under canvas, and also experienced all the fun and peril that goes with it!

They have learned such valuable lessons as not attempting to pitch a tent after going to the local hostelry. That’s why one of their commandments is ‘Pitch first, play later’! They did it the hard way and experienced all the pain so you don’t have to! That’s also why our Tent Commandments contains a SAS-style checklist of essential items and camping equipment that will ensure you are prepared for any contingency.

The Tent Commandments has been years in the making, and although presented in a very light-hearted fashion forms extremely sound advice! Convert to our camping religion and adopt the Ten Commandments for your next camping trip!
You won’t be sorry!