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Designed for those requiring a lightweight and versatile tent, Robens produce one of the most dynamic ranges of mountain adventure tents, with their main tent range aimed at 1, 2, and 3 berth technical tents. Robens tents are manufactured using only the finest materials; this enhances the quality of the product and ensures it is able to perform in more arduous conditions. Such is the quality of Roben’s ranges of lightweight tents; several of their designs such as the Green Hawk tent have won outdoor industry awards. Four ranges of tents complete the Roben’s tent collection – these being the Lite, Adventure, Trekking and Outback collections. The 2019 collection of Robens, is also now available, with new Outback cotton tents such as the Trapper and Trapper Twin offering a different style of tent to the market.

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Robens Tents


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  1. Prospector Inner Tent Prospector Inner Tent

    Robens Prospector Inner Tent

    The Robens Prospector Inner Tent has the capacity to sleep six people whilst leaving a separate, generous living space. A worthwhile investment, the inner tent adds privacy and warmth to an already excellent tent.

    Regular Price: £269.99

    Special Price £130.00

  2. Trapper Twin Trapper Twin

    Robens Trapper Twin Tipi Tent

    New for 2019, the Robens Trapper Twin offers a versatile vis-a-vis polycotton tent, with space for four people to sleep in, in opposing bedrooms, either side of the living space. Furthermore, the tent offers superb all-round functionality, as the groundsheet in the front porch can be unzipped, to create a wet area, for cooking, storing muddy boots and wet clothes.

    Regular Price: £1,375.00

    Special Price £1,099.99

  3. Apache Tipi Apache Tipi

    Robens Apache Tipi Tent (2019)

    The Apache Tipi by Robens, new for 2019, offering a large tipi style tent, manufactured from polycotton and contributing a massive living space, which is versatile to the camper's requirements. Robens heritage in designing tipi-style tents is unrivalled, and the Apache is a perfect example, with all the features one would expect from a Robens tipi, such as the stove port for a log burner, pole-free living space, and a zip-out groundsheet.

    Regular Price: £1,250.00

    Special Price £999.99

  4. Aero Yurt Aero Yurt

    Robens Aero Yurt (2019)

    Certainly a unique tent, the Robens Aero Yurt will stand out on the campsite, with a polycotton design, a large spacious interior with a fully sewn-in groundsheet. Perfect for a social area, or as a couples tent once nicely decorated with camp beds.

    Regular Price: £1,499.99

    Special Price £1,199.99

  5. Midnight Dreamer Midnight Dreamer

    Robens Midnight Dreamer Tent (2019)

    The Robens Midnight Dreamer is a generously sized four-berth tunnel style tent, with alloy poles, standing height and a fully sewn-in groundsheet. The Midnight Dreamer has a polyester flysheet, with alloy poles for a lower overall weight of just 10.7kg, ideal for touring camping.

    Regular Price: £500.00

    Special Price £399.99

  6. Pioneer 3EX Tent Pioneer 3EX Tent

    Robens Pioneer 3EX Tent (2019)

    The Pioneer 3EX Tent by Robens, perfect for those needing a budget, quality technical tent, with space for two to three people. The tunnel design offers a superb balance between living space and overall pack-size - making it ideal for Scouts, backpackers and Duke of Edinburgh students.

    Regular Price: £225.00

    Special Price £179.99

  7. Robens Boulder 2 Tent Robens Boulder 2 Tent

    Robens Boulder 2 Tent (2019)

    The Robens Boulder 2 is a lightweight dome-style tent in the new Magma Orange colour, utilising alloy poles for lighter, stable pitching. Perfect for those needing a lightweight tent on a budget, the Boulder 2 is perfect for entry-level campers needing value for money. Part of the Robens Route collection, which meets the growing demands for entry-level technical tents, that are easy to use, durable and reliable, giving young and older campers a route into camping without compromising on quality.

    Regular Price: £150.00

    Special Price £119.99

  8. Arch 2 Tent Arch 2 Tent

    Robens Arch 2 Tent (2019)

    The Robens Arch 2 is a new tent for 2019, offering a value for money two-berth tent, with a small pack size. Offering a low weight of just 2.0kg and technical specifications, such as a 75 polyester denier fabric and alloy poles for greater stability.

    Regular Price: £170.00

    Special Price £135.99

  9. Arrow Head Tent Arrow Head Tent

    Robens Arrow Head Tent (2019)

    The Robens Arrow Head Tent is a new, lightweight backpacking tent for 2019, offering a superb small, pack size tent with a durable 75 denier polyester fabric. Utilising alloy poles, the Arrow Head remains lightweight at just, whilst also being very stable in the elements.

    Regular Price: £105.00

    Special Price £84.99

  10. Klondike Grande Tipi Klondike Grande Tipi

    Robens Klondike Grande Tipi Tent (2019)

    The Robens Klondike Grande is one of the largest tipis available, offering ample living space, and a host of optional extras such as the carpet, stove, heater or inner tent, all of which can be bought with bundle deals below.

    Regular Price: £949.99

    Special Price £759.99

    Available: 15th June, 2019


Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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