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Vango have remained, for over 40 years, as one of the leading tent designers and manufacturers. It is the high quality, durability and reliability of their products that makes the brand so popular. Vango are also one of the most forward-thinking camping brands, with ideas such as their TBS banding system (patented), which adds to the stability of their tents.  Browse our range of Vango tents below, jump straight to our Vango family tents or shop by two, three, four, six or eight berth. Alternatively, click here to see the latest 2019 range.

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Vango Tents


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  1. Langley 600xl Tent Langley 600xl Tent

    Vango Langley 600xl Tent (2018)

    The Vango Langley 600xl tent is perfect for the growing family or group wanting a reliable, comfortable and spacious tent that can sleep up to six people.

    Regular Price: £470.00

    Special Price £349.00

  2. Inspire 800xxl Inspire 800xxl

    Vango Inspire 800xxl Tent (2018)

    The Vango Inspire 800xxl is revamped for 2018, offering an eight-berth tunnel tent, featuring the innovative Airbeam system, which makes pitching the tent a quick and simple process. Quality has been increased once more, maintaining the 420 Denier fabric, whilst also including full zips for add-on awnings and new Superzips, which are more durable than on previous year's tents. Furthermore, the living space of the tent is now huge, with lots of usable living space and 17m2 of living space.

    Regular Price: £1,600.00

    Special Price £1,159.20

  3. Capri 600xl Tent Capri 600xl Tent

    Vango Capri 600xl Tent (2019)

    The Capri 600xl is a six berth tent, featuring plenty of living space, and the patented Airbeam system, for quick pitching! Perfect for those wanting a spacious family tent, with ample living space and a tried and tested waterproof fabric.

    Regular Price: £800.00

    Special Price £729.00

  4. Vango Illusion 800xl Tent Vango Illusion 800xl Tent

    Vango Illusion 800xl Tent (2018)

    The Vango Illusion 800 is a beast of an eight man tent, with plenty of living / sleeping options, making the tent highly versatile to the end user's needs. With the patented Airbeam system allowing for quick-pitching, the Vango Illusion 800 can be pitched in 12 minutes.

    Regular Price: £1,540.00

    Special Price £1,119.99

  5. Orava 600xl Tent Orava 600xl Tent

    Vango Orava 600xl Tent (2018)

    The Vango Orava 600xl is a sublime family tent from Vango, with an enclosed front porch, a huge living space with a sewn-in groundsheet, and space for sleeping up to six people comfortably. Perfect for groups or families needing plenty of living space and a versatile tent to their needs, there is also additional extras available, some of which, you can get at a discount when the bundle is purchased.

    Regular Price: £650.00

    Special Price £549.99

  6. Longleat Air Tent 800xl Longleat Air Tent 800xl

    Vango Longleat Air 800xl Tent (2019)

    The Vango Longleat Air 800xl family tent is a superb eight-berth tent, offering plenty of living space, sleeping space and standing height throughout the tent. The vis-a-vis design makes the tent more versatile than a regular tunnel style, as the bedroom options can be more flexible to the camper's needs.

    Regular Price: £650.00

    Special Price £599.00

    Available: 1st April, 2019
  7. Helium 2 Tent Helium 2 Tent

    F10 Helium UL 2 Tent (2018)

    Prioritising weight and compactness, the F10 Helium UL 2 represents the the ultimate in mobility and stripped down functionality. The ease of pitching and resilience of this featherweight tent makes it perfect for short trips where weight and space is at a premium, providing reliable shelter against the elements.

    Regular Price: £270.00

    Special Price £224.95

  8. Skye 500 Air Tent Skye 500 Air Tent

    Vango Skye 500 Air Tent (2019)

    The Vango Skye Air 500 weekender tent is ideal for short-term camping trips, and has all the Vango elements to make the tent a comfortable camping home, such as the Airbeam Framework, and the Sentinel 70 Denier fabric, which is waterproof to 3000mm.

    Regular Price: £400.00

    Special Price £349.00

    Available: 3 Day Lead Time
  9. Vango Skye 400 Air Vango Skye 400 Air

    Vango Skye 400 Air Tent (2019)

    The Vango Skye 400 Air Tent, available in Treetops, provides a value for money Airbeam tent ideal for Summer camping trips. Quick and easy to pitch, with a waterproof flysheet to 3000mm. Ideal for touring campers, and for weekend camping.

    Regular Price: £350.00

    Special Price £299.00

  10. Azura Tent by Vango Azura Tent by Vango

    Vango Azura 600xl Tent (2019)

    The Vango Azura 600xl Airbeam tent is quick to pitch, due to the easy inflation system and smart design. Offering ample living space for the average family and a comfortable design with a sewn-in groundsheet., The new Sentinel Dura Polyester Fabric is stronger, and retains its colours better over time and UV degradation, giving the tent a longer lifetime.

    Regular Price: £900.00

    Special Price £799.00


Items 1 to 10 of 98 total

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