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We now stock a range of "Blackout Bedroom" tents from Coleman, allowing you to sleep longer and not be disturbed at an early hour by the sun. This is perfect for parents taking their children camping, or for those wanting a lie in after a late night at a festival! Blackout bedrooms are patented technology, and you will only find them in Coleman's tents. However, each brand offer their own darkened bedrooms, whether it be Vango's Midnight inners, which really minimise early morning light, or other brands such as Outwell, who have their "Nightsky" inners, to reduce early morning light.

  • Coleman - a True Blackout Tent
  • Vango Midnight - a very dark inner tent, which almost goes to complete darkness.
  • Outwell NightSky - darkened bedroom fabrics for a better night's sleep.

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Blackout & Dark Inner Tents


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12 Item(s)