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Choosing a tent is a hard decision, as it is one of the most vital assets of any camping trip. Here at Outdoor World Direct, we aim to help arm you with the right information to choose the right tent for you. Our catalogue includes a vast selection of tents from renowned manufacturers such as Vango, Outwell, ColemanRobens, and Outdoor Revolution, amongst others. Each brand brings its own unique quality to the market, whether its Outwell with their superb layouts and effective designs, which has made them kings within the UK market for family tents over the last two decades. However, Vango have closed in on their crown, with their innovative ranges of Airbeam inflatable tents, which hit better price points. Additionally, Vango have had huge success in the small tents and lightweight market, with their Duke of Edinburgh range growing by the year, and their tents proving more popular for adventure camping and festivals. Coleman and Robens have excelled in the backpacking, technical ranges of tents, especially Robens, which offers the customer exceptional quality and technicality of product, and their range of sublime cotton tipis has really proved popular.

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  1. Nevada 4p Nevada 4p

    Outwell Nevada 4P Tent (2019)

    A weekend tent that is simple to pitch and take down, a great little couples or family tent. The Outwell Nevada 4P is an impressive weekend tent ideal for those wanting an easy to pitch, reliable Outwell tent at a great price. Great price on tent package when purchased as a bundle, including carpet and footprint.

    Regular Price: £559.99

    Special Price £382.50

  2. Blade 100 Pre Order Blade 100 Pre Order

    Vango Blade 100 Tent

    A one-berth tent, the Vango Blade 100 is the perfect lightweight tent with a total weight of 1.6kg, making it one of the lightest tents in the marketplace.

    Regular Price: £110.00

    Special Price £99.99

    As low as: £94.99
  3. Blade 200 Tent Blade 200 Tent

    Vango Blade Pro 200 Tent

    A great adventure two-berth tent, the Vango Blade Pro 200 is quick and simple to erect - using just one alloy pole to create a stable technical, backpacking tent.

    Regular Price: £140.00

    Special Price £119.00

    As low as: £99.99
  4. Outback Tarp Outback Tarp

    Robens Tarp 4 * 4 (Outback TC)

    For that extra bit of shade and shelter when it's needed and where space allows, the Robens TC Tarp is easy to pitch and versatile to your needs, and matches onto any of the Outback collection of tents.

    Regular Price: £262.99

    Special Price £209.99

  5. Kela V Low Kela V Low

    Vango Kela V Low AirAway Awning (2019)

    The perfect addition to your camper van, the Vango Kela V Low Air Away awning can be fitted onto vans between 180 and 210cm, making it perfect for the lower profile vehicle, such as the VW T4 / T5.Free Gift Available

    Regular Price: £660.00

    Special Price £589.00

  6. Zenith 200 Pro Zenith 200 Pro

    Vango Zenith Pro 200 Tent (2018)

    Perfect for short, lightweight trips for one or two people - the Vango Zenith Pro 200 is a lightweight, compact tent ideal for Duke of Edinburgh students and backpackers.

    Regular Price: £150.00

    Special Price £129.99

    As low as: £119.00
  7. Pulsar Pro 200 Tent Pulsar Pro 200 Tent

    Vango Pulsar Pro 200 Tent (2018)

    The Vango Pulsar Pro 200 lightweight tent is the replacement for the Spirit tent, which has been discontinued - the Pulsar is the perfect, lightweight, compact pack size tent for backpackers, lightweight campers and Duke of Edinburgh students.

    Regular Price: £220.00

    Special Price £179.99

    As low as: £149.99
  8. Robens Klondike Tipi Robens Klondike Tipi

    Robens Klondike Tipi Tent (2019)

    The all-new Robens Klondike tipi tent design is perfect for social groups, offering a comfortable and stylish tent suitable for up to six people.

    Regular Price: £749.99

    Special Price £499.00

  9. Winslow 600 Tent Winslow 600 Tent

    Vango Winslow 600 Tent (2019)

    The all new Vango Winslow 600 tent is a great family tent that's easy to erect, spacious, comfortable and offers standing height. Scroll down the page to see Bundle Deals to get further reductions on the carpet and footprint.

    Regular Price: £300.00

    Special Price £249.99

  10. Starlight 1 Starlight 1

    Robens Starlight 1 Tent (2019)

    The Robens Starlight 1 is a solo camper's dream, with a light trail weight of 1.9kg, and a compact pack size, making it ideal for solo lightweight campers and cyclists.

    Regular Price: £175.00

    Special Price £139.99


Items 1 to 10 of 674 total

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