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Vango Airspeed Tube (555 * 10cm) (AT008)

Available: 10th February, 2020
Replacing an airtube is a very simple process, simply remove the defective one, and place the new one inside, and test. The Vango Airspeed Tube (555 * 10cm) (AT008) will fit a range of our tents, and works well as a spare, to ensure the holiday can continue if a defective beam is experienced.

The Vango Airspeed Tube (555 * 10cm) (AT008) is a suitable replacement air tube for the following tents and awnings, offering a spare tube in case of a campsite emergency.

Suitable for Tents:

  • Amalfi Air 400 Main Tube
  • Capri 400 Air Main Tube
  • Capri 400XL Air Rear Tube
  • Capri 500 Air Rear Tube
  • Capri 800XL Air Rear Tube
  • Capri 800XL Side Awning Main Tube
  • Capri Air 400XL Rear Pole
  • Celino Air 400 Main Tube
  • Celino Air 500 Rear Tube
  • Iris Air Side Awning Main
  • Odyssey Air 400 Front/Rear Tube
  • Portland Air 500 Main Tube
  • Ringstead Air 400 Rear Tube
  • Santo Air Front/Rear Tube
  • Santo Air 400 Front/Rear Tube
  • Skye Air 500 Main Tube
  • Stargrove Air 600XL Rear Tube
  • Swift Basecamp Awning Main Tube
  • Winslow Air 500 Rear Tube
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