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California 56oz Sleeping Bag
California 56oz Sleeping Bag Two Singles Make a Double Vango California 56oz Sleeping Bag Compact Pack Size


Vango California 56oz Sleeping Bag

Quick Overview

The Vango California 56oz is a two-season sleeping bag that offers homely comfort with soft touch fabrics and a snug hollow fibre fill. In addition, two sleeping bags can be zipped together to create one two season bag. Perfect for campers, caravanners or for simple home use.

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The Vango California 56oz Sleeping Bag centres on creating a comfortable, homely feel, whether sleeping in a tent or a camper van. With an accessible retail price, this sleeping bag can deal comfortably with temperatures between 9-20 degrees, making this a solid two-season sleeping bag. The bag also has a luxurious soft-touch feel and is constructed from durable materials. A final, convenient touch is provided by the ability to zip two single sleeping bags together to create one double sleeping bag.

  • Fabric Lining - Soft touch feel with benefits of polyester.
  • Polyester Shell - Printed polyester is soft to the touch and durable.
  • Carry Bag - Clear PVC carry bag.
  • Insulation - Single hole hollow fibre.
  • S-Stictching.
  • Zip - Two way autolock.
  • Hanging Loops - Bag can be hung up to air out.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Vango
Year of Manufacture 2018
Suggested Usage Summer camping, campervans and indoor use.

Suggested Usage or Comfort Rating: Refers to the ideal temperature a sleeping bag should be used in. Gives an indication to the camper of how the sleeping can perform in certain conditions, and which temperatures the bag will be most comfortable in.

Comfort/ Limit/ Extreme 9/5/-18 degrees

Comfort / Limit / Extreme

Comfort: This is the temperature the sleeping bag should ideally be used in to provide adequate warmth and comfort to the camper, and the best night's sleep.

Limit: The limit is the lower limit of temperature that the sleeping bag should be used in. The sleeping bag should not really be used in colder temperatures than the Limit Rating.

Extreme: The Extreme Rating, is the temperature that a person would "survive" the night in the sleeping bag, but not sleep or be in any comfort at all. The sleeping bag should only be used in this temperature as a last resort or emergency.

Season Rating No

Season Rating refers to a sleeping bag's seasonal rating, which essentially explains how many seasons the sleeping bag can be used in across the year.

  • 1-2 Season - ideal for warmer Spring nights and Summer use only.
  • 2 Season - Ideal for Spring / Summer Use
  • 3 Season - Ideal for Spring / Summer / Autumn use.
  • 4 Season - could be used all seasons of the year.

Shell Fabric 100% printed polyester

Shell Fabric - this refers to the type of fabric used on the exterior fabric layer of the product. Polyester or Cotton are typically the usual choice for outdoor product exteriors.

  • Polyester - used on cheaper sleeping bags, and on lighter weight sleeping bags.
  • Cotton is softer, and feels warmer, but it is a heavier fabric.

Lining Polyester

Shell Lining refers to the interior lining of the sleeping bag, which will offer, comfort, warmth and insulation. Brushed polyester or cotton are the typical choices for the interior lining of a sleeping bag.

  • Polyester - usually a brushed polyester, which is lightweight and retains warmth.
  • Cotton - the much better choice for comfort, but cotton weighs more than polyester.
Construction Single Layer Stitch Through

Synthetic Construction - this refers to the layers of a sleeping bag, how many layers of insulation it has and the type of construction. The more layers, or the thicker the layers, the warmer the bag.

  • Single Layers - just one layer of fabric.
  • Offset Layers -  two layers of fabric, with the seams offset, to trap the warm air.
Filling High Quality Hollow Fibre
Overall Length (cms) 193
Maximum User Height (cm) 190
Chest width/ Foot width (cms) 83
Weight (kg) 1.77
  • Suggested Usage - 9 to 20 degrees.
  • Performance - 2 season.
  • TOG - 7.5.
  • Dimensions - 193 x 83 x 83cm.
  • Max User Height - 190cm.
  • Weight - 1.77kg.
  • Fill Weight - 1 x 300g/m2.
  • Packed - 45 x 18 x 44cm.
Fill Weight (g/m²) 1/300g/m2
Pack Size Uncompressed (cm) No
Pack Size (cm) 45 x 18 x 44cm
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