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Vango Capri 400 Sky Shield

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The Sky Shield for the Capri 400 tent, designed to fit onto the roof panel of the tent, and protect the tent from bird poo, tree sap and the UV rays, which fade the tent given time.

The Vango Capri 400 Sky Shield fits externally to the tent, on top of the roof, to protect the roof panel of the tent from UV degradation. This is important as it will help to improve the lifetime of the tent, whilst reducing the fading of the tent fabric. Furthermore, the sky shield can help to reduce condensation, and control the temperature of the tent better, depending on the climate outside.

  • Reduces condensation
  • Fits securely to each beam
  • Reduces UV degradation
  • Protects from stains such as bird mess or tree sap.
More Information
ManufacturerVango Airbeam
Tent CollectionVango Airbeam Collection
Year of Manufacture2018
Flysheet FabricProtex 4000mm, 150 Denier fabric polyester

Polyester – a synthetic fibre, made from polymer units to create a textile fabric. Polyester is the most popular fabric for tent manufacturing, as it is durable, reliable and lighter in weight. Polyester does not breathe though, which creates more condensation.

Polycotton - a blend of polyester and cotton, primarily cotton (usually around 65% cotton / 35% polyester split). Polycotton is a more natural fabric for camping, as it is breathable, far more durable material, reducing the effects of condensation. Offers greater versatility in hot and cold climates.

Ripstop Nylon – a durable material used in tents which is strong and repairable due to its Ripstop properties.

Weight (kg)3.00
Fire RetardantYes

Fire Retardant – all modern tent fabrics are fire-retardant under EN5912 European Safety Laws. Caution with fire must always be used, as flame retardant fabrics, will still catch fire given the right circumstances.