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Vango Galli III Compact Low Awning (2019)

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An inflatable drive-away awning, the Galli III Compact is an all new awning, which provides plenty of living space external from the van, and has a fully sewn-in groundsheet. With Vango’s trusted Airbeam system, the awning is quick and easy to put up, making it the perfect hassle-free addition to your vacation.Free Gift Available

Low Awning - fits vans 180-210cm tall

Updated for 2019, the Galli III Compact Low inflatable awning is perfect for those requiring a smaller drive-away awning, which will fit onto vans between 180-210cm tall. The awning attaches sideways on, providing flexible, useful living space, which can be customised to your needs. The Galli III Compact benefits from the updated Sentinel 420 ripstop denier, making it highly durable and resistant to the weather, whilst the Airbeam system makes the awning very quick to erect, and attach to the van.

  • NEW ColourLok fabrics slow fading.
  • NEW Fabric lasts longer.
  • Takes 2 Inner Tents
  • 420 Sentinel Polyester Denier Two full mesh doors for better air flow
  • SkyTrack II System for hanging lanterns / tidying cables
  • Pre-attached 6mm kador strip

More Information
Fabric Denier420 Denier (RipStop)

Denier - a measurement used to determine the thickness of the tent flysheet. It relates to the fibre thickness, or thread counts used. The thicker the fabric, generally the stronger, and more durable the fabric will be. The denier really reflects the lifetime to be expected of the tent, and how quickly, it will be affected by UV Degradation.

Awning TypeVW Style Drive-Away

Seasonal: A caravan awning specifically designed for touring, and temporary camping pitches. Ideal for fair weather campers, needing an awning for shorter trips. Usually uses lighter fabrics, for easier portability, and easier pitching.

Residential: Ideal for those camping for longer durations, wanting an awning that can be left pitched all season, or for a month or more at a time. Residential awnings usually use heavier weight fabrics, designed to last longer, and not fade as fast in the UV sunshine rays.

DriveAway VW Awnings: Designed to go onto VW or similar vans, or motorhomes with the correct attachment height. Can be left free-standing at the site if you need your vehicle to get off-site.

Fixed VW Awnings: Reliant on the van or motorhome for the structure of the product. Van cannot be removed offsite once the awning is set up.

Fitting-Height (Awnings)180-210cm
Kador Length (cm)248
ManufacturerVango Airbeam
Tent CollectionVango Airbeam Collection
Year of Manufacture2019
Hydrostatic Head (mm)6000

Hydrostatic Head (Tents) – a waterproof rating for technical fabrics measured in mm. The higher the rating the more waterproof the fabric is. A rating of 1500mm is deemed waterproof, but on a tent, look for a rating of 3000 or higher. Measured by the height of water column a fabric weave can take before it begins to “sweat”. “Polycotton” tents will not have a Hydrostatic Head level, as they are not treated for waterproofing.

ColourCloud Grey
Berth4 Man

Berth – This shows the number of people that the tent can sleep within the inner tents of a model of tent, in line with the industry standard. Normal procedure is to look for a slightly larger tent, for example, a family of four usually purchase a five or six berth tent, to give added room and comfort.

Doors1 Front Door / 2 Doors in Connection Awning Strip
Flysheet FabricSentinel Pro, 420 Denier polyester with double ripstop thread for added durability.

Polyester – a synthetic fibre, made from polymer units to create a textile fabric. Polyester is the most popular fabric for tent manufacturing, as it is durable, reliable and lighter in weight. Polyester does not breathe though, which creates more condensation.

Polycotton - a blend of polyester and cotton, primarily cotton (usually around 65% cotton / 35% polyester split). Polycotton is a more natural fabric for camping, as it is breathable, far more durable material, reducing the effects of condensation. Offers greater versatility in hot and cold climates.

Ripstop Nylon – a durable material used in tents which is strong and repairable due to its Ripstop properties.

Groundsheet FabricSewn-in groundsheet in main living space - polyethylene
Window FabricDiamond Clear PVC Windows with zipped privacy curtains
Height (cm)210
Length (cm)310
Width (cm)320 + 120 connector strip
Weight (kg)21.90

Double Skin Tent – A tent with an inner bedroom and a flysheet, most family tents are designed as a “Double Skin tent”, as it makes the tent more comfortable, and lessens the effects of condensation.

Pack Size (cm)74 * 39 * 36
Supplied With
  • Pre-attached 6mm kador strip - easy and common connection system.
  • Over vehicle webbing straps - can be tensioned and rested over the vehicle without using kador rails
  • Roof bar attachment tabs - can be attached to your vehicle roof tabs
  • Sleeve for Pole & Clamp system - allows optional pole and clamp attachment for vehicles with a gutter
  • Steel rock pegs & mallet - strong, durable pegs for multiple terrains.
  • Wide-mouth carry bag - for easier packing
  • Double Action pump - supplied with awning for erecting awning, with pressure gauge
  • Sky Track II System - ideal for hanging lights, storage and keeping cables tidy.
Floor Dimensions310 * 320cm + 120cm connector strip
Poles Diameter / Beam SizeZero - all airbeams
Poles or AirVango AirBeam™

Most tent structure are either Airbeam or Poled in design, both have advantages and disadvantages. Air tents are quicker to pitch, but more expensive when compared to traditional pole style tents. Some tents are hybrids, and combine poles and air technologies.

Number of Poles / Beams3 Airbeams
Fire RetardantYes

Fire Retardant – all modern tent fabrics are fire-retardant under EN5912 European Safety Laws. Caution with fire must always be used, as flame retardant fabrics, will still catch fire given the right circumstances.

Pitching Time10 minutes
Pitching Area (cm)450 * 310
Recommended UsePerfect for adding some auxiliary living space to the side of the motorhome or van

Sentinel Pro Fabric Features:

  • Enhanced Resistance to UV Rays
  • Colourlok slows the fading process.
  • Waterproof and taped seams.
  • Fire Retardant
  • 420 Denier, Double-Ripstop fabric is durable and reliable.
  • Weight 106g/m2
  • UPF: 50+
  • Airaway structure provides great stability for the awning.
  • Sentinel 420 polyester fabric is hard-wearing
  • Airspeed valve system is easy to use
  • Pre-angled beams offer greater height within the awning.
  • Super-beams - larger diameter beams offer greater stability and structure.
  • 8 metre straps included
  • Webbing storm straps for tensioning down the awning.
  • Line-lok guyline runners for guying the tent
  • Reflective webbing - easier to spot the awning at night by torchlight.
  • Large windows let lots of light into awning
  • Roll away rear porch, when not attached to Van.
  • Vango Airzone reduces condensation
  • Fully wind and rain tested according to EN5912
  • Larger vents across awning
  • Skylight windows add more internal light 
  • Skytrack II system for hanging lanterns 
  • Orange reflective guylines with tidies 
  • 2 external doors in connecting panel for added convenience 
  • 1 Full mesh door in main awning for better airflow
  • Airzone system complete with vents and mesh doors, for added comfort 
  • Airspeed valve system - allows you to click on the pump for a secure connection. 
  • Vango Tension Band system - provides stability in high winds 
  • Webbing storm straps aid stability in poor weather conditions 
  • Diamond clear windows for added visibility, and better lighting 
  • Zipped curtains for added privacy 
  • Flat-entry groundsheet points for easier access for wheelchairs, and prevent tripping hazards 
  • Electric cable entry points and tidies for mains electric unit 
  • Factory taped seams for full waterproofing

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