How does a Drive Away Awning Work?

How Do Drive Away Awnings Work?

A drive away awning works as a free-standing awning or structure, with a connecting panel, which connects to the vehicle, whether it be a motorhome or camper van. When the awning is detached from the vehicle, the connecting panel otherwise known as a cowl rolls away neatly to the side of the awning. So the awning is not reliant on the vehicle for structure or support, it will stand alone by design.

Drive away awnings have become increasingly popular with camper van owners and motorhome owners, as it allows them to have an awning to provide external space to their vehicle, which they can quickly detach and leave on site. This allows them the luxury of their vehicle to travel, whilst the awning stays on the campsite, free-standing and solid to the elements.

How Do Drive Away Awnings Connect to the Vehicle?

There are four methods of attachment:

  • Via Kador Rail
  • Via Pole and Clamp Kit
  • Via Velcro Straps - which attach to roof bars
  • Via Storm Straps

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Three Awning Heights - How do they Work?

Typically an awning is manufactured in three different sizes, to accommodate different vehicle types and heights. So the main shell of the awning remains the same, but the connecting panel is manufactured to fit a different height of vehicle. You need to make sure you pick the correct height in the awning you require. There are three heights, each of which relate to the height the connecting panel will fit onto the awning. The general rule is camper vans take a low, and motorhomes take a tall, and some vans are just in between and take a standard awning.

Low (also known as Lowline) 

Typically fits vehicle heights of 180-210cm tall

(Vehicles Ideal For)

  • VW Camper Vans
  • Ford Torneos
  • Mercedes Marco Polo

Example of a Low / Lowline Awning

Standard or MidLine 

Typically fit 205 - 235cm tall

Fits awkward height vans, which are in between a camper van and motorhome.

Tall or Highline

Typically fit 245 - 295cm

  • Motorhomes
  • Tall Camper Vans

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