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Vango Ultralite 900 Sleeping Bag

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The Ultralite 900 by Vango is small and lightweight, whilst being compact in pack size, ideal for youth expedition groups, family campers and backpackers.

Perfect for the distance backpacker, wild camper or Duke of Edinburgh student, the Vango Ultralite 900 is a lightweight, compact pack size sleeping bag, capable of keeping you warm three seasons of the year. The Ultralite 900 has a double, off-set construction, enhanced with the Vango Thermal Embrace system, which ensures you get a warm, and comfortable night's sleep. Recommended by both the Scout Association and Duke of Edinburgh Award.

  • Improved design and colour for 2018
  • Recommended for Duke of Edinburgh and Scouts
  • 40 Denier Ripstop shell - soft touch, comfortable fabrics used.
  • Zip and Shoulder Baffles for added protection
More Information
Year of Manufacture2018
Suggested Usage-5ºc to 20ºc

Suggested Usage or Comfort Rating: Refers to the ideal temperature a sleeping bag should be used in. Gives an indication to the camper of how the sleeping can perform in certain conditions, and which temperatures the bag will be most comfortable in.

Season Rating3 - 4

Season Rating refers to a sleeping bag's seasonal rating, which essentially explains how many seasons the sleeping bag can be used in across the year.

  • 1-2 Season - ideal for warmer Spring nights and Summer use only.
  • 2 Season - Ideal for Spring / Summer Use
  • 3 Season - Ideal for Spring / Summer / Autumn use.
  • 4 Season - could be used all seasons of the year.

Shell FabricMini-ripstop Nylon Shell with Water Resistant Finish - soft to touch, warm and comfortable

Shell Fabric - this refers to the type of fabric used on the exterior fabric layer of the product. Polyester or Cotton are typically the usual choice for outdoor product exteriors.

  • Polyester - used on cheaper sleeping bags, and on lighter weight sleeping bags.
  • Cotton is softer, and feels warmer, but it is a heavier fabric.

LiningSuper-soft Mini-ripstop Nylon Lining

Shell Lining refers to the interior lining of the sleeping bag, which will offer, comfort, warmth and insulation. Brushed polyester or cotton are the typical choices for the interior lining of a sleeping bag.

  • Polyester - usually a brushed polyester, which is lightweight and retains warmth.
  • Cotton - the much better choice for comfort, but cotton weighs more than polyester.
ConstructionNew Off-set, Double-Layer Construction

Synthetic Construction - this refers to the layers of a sleeping bag, how many layers of insulation it has and the type of construction. The more layers, or the thicker the layers, the warmer the bag.

  • Single Layers - just one layer of fabric.
  • Offset Layers -  two layers of fabric, with the seams offset, to trap the warm air.
FillingInsulite® Superfine Insulation
Overall Length (cms)210
Maximum User Height (cm)190
Weight (kg)1.5
  • Off-Set Double Layer Construction - Stitching is offset so cold spots don’t form at the stitch lines. The layers are separated using an interlining layer to stop the fill snagging or lumping in the bag 
  • 40 denier ripstop nylon shell - soft to the touch and breathable for comfort. The abrasion resistant and durable qualities of nylon ensure a long lasting sleeping bag while the water resistant finish keeps condensation on the outside of the shell, keeping the insulation dry 
  • Supersoft mini ripstop nylon lining - Warm and comfortable against the body 
  • Vango's Thermal Embrace System utilises elasticated thread in the lining to enable the sleeping bag to hug your body. This allows you to move freely when sleeping while the lining wraps snugly around you. It also increases the loft between the inner and outer layers reducing the amount of air around the body for greater warmth 
  • Insulite Superfine insulation is a blend of spiralised, siliconised fibres, which combine to produce a filling that is highly compressible, extremely durable and lightweight 
  • 3D Hood with multi-cord closure is tailored to fit the shape of the head. Strategic design means the head and shoulders are kept much warmer during the night. The hood's multi-cord adjustment uses two thicknesses of cord so it can be easily adjusted in the dark 
  • Insulated Adjustable Shoulder Baffle stops heat escaping from the top of the bag when moving around at night. The adjustable cord lets you tighten or loosen it increasing both comfort and heat retention 
  • 3D Insulated Zip Baffle minimises heat loss through the zip. The 3D shape allows the filling to loft and provide better insulation 
  • Half Length Zip to reduce weight while still offering ventilation and easy access to the bag 
  • Two-Way Auto-Lock Zip: This versatile two-way zip can be used to seal in warmth or provide ventilation and can be used from inside the bag. The auto- lock feature prevents the bag from opening when you turn in your sleep as the zip will lock.
Fill Weight (g/m²)2 x 130 Top + Bottom
Pack Size Uncompressed (cm)23 x ⦰17cm