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Ideal for families or larger groups, the collection of 6 man tents available within this page, offer a dynamic range to suit any camper regardless of their budget. Some of the more notable options include the Vango Anantara TC 600 Airbeam tent and the ever popular Outwell Montana 6P family tent. A large majority of the 6 man air tents in this section come with useful features that will only enrich your camping experience - there are tents from brands such as Vango, Outwell and Coleman.

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6 Man Tents


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  1. Eastwood 6 Tent Eastwood 6 Tent

    Outwell Eastwood 6 Tent (2019)

    The Eastwood 6 tent, new for 2019's collection of Outwell tents. The largest family poled tent in the Outwell collection, the tent has three-zones, offering plenty of space for families to enjoy camping, in comfort.

    Regular Price: £750.00

    Special Price £509.99

  2. Tahiti 600xl Herbal Tent Tahiti 600xl Herbal Tent

    Vango Tahiti 600xl Air Tent (2019)

    The Vango Airbeam Tahiti 600xl features an exceptional living space, sleeping space and storage space, making it ideal for larger families. The Airbeam system, allows the tent to be pitched in less than 15 minutes, and the addition of a guest bedroom allows the sleeping capacity to be upped to eight people. Designed in the Sentinel 150 Denier fabric, for a durable, reliable family tent.

    Regular Price: £1,450.00

    Special Price £1,104.15

  3. Tahiti 800xl Tent Tahiti 800xl Tent

    Vango Tahiti 800xl Air Tent (ex-display)

    The Vango Tahiti 800xl will be ideal for larger families wanting plenty of space, but requiring a quick, simple tent to pitch. The Tahiti is very versatile and has an optional side annex with a 2-berth inner included. Furthermore, more sleeping space can be added via a universal inner tent, which can be added to the front corner.

    Regular Price: £1,550.00

    Special Price £1,099.00

  4. Anantara 600xl Tent Anantara 600xl Tent

    Vango Anantara 600xl Air Tent (2019)

    The Airbeam Vango Anantara 600xl offers unrivalled living space, combined with larger sleeping quarters, for a more comfortable camping experience. The inflatable design of the tent allows it to be pitched within 12 minutes, allowing for a hassle-free camping experience.

    Regular Price: £1,650.00

    Special Price £1,274.15

  5. Anantara 600xl Tent Anantara 600xl Tent

    Vango Anantara TC 600xl Air Tent (2019)

    Vango's brilliant Anantara TC Airbeam Tent is a spacious, reliable polycotton tent with the Superbeam inflatable frame for a hassle-free camping experience. The polycotton ensures the tent is versatile to different weather conditions, and will last longer than a polyester tent fabric. Can sleep up to 8 people if the additional inners are added into the front section, making it one of the largest tents on the market, perfect for the larger group or family.

    Regular Price: £2,000.00

    Special Price £1,799.00

  6. Stone Lake 7ATC Stone Lake 7ATC

    Outwell Stone Lake 7ATC Tent (2019)

    Outwell's flagship polycotton family tent for 2019, the Outwell Stone Lake 7ATC offers superb living space, sleeping quarters and an enclosed front awning. Perfect for the seasoned campers wanting a reliable, breathable family tent, which can be used earlier in the camping season and later into the Autumn months. Free footprint with bundle deals at the base of the page.

    Regular Price: £2,250.00

    Special Price £1,529.99

  7. Woodburg 7A Tent Woodburg 7A Tent

    Outwell Woodburg 7A Tent (2019)

    The Outwell Woodburg 7A offers a versatile, value for money, inflatable family tent, ideal for the campers who require lots of usable living space, and sleeping space for 6-7 people. Furthermore, the Woodburg has great standing height of 220cm, an integrated groundsheet to the living space, and an enclosed front awning.

    Regular Price: £1,125.00

    Special Price £759.00

  8. Chatham 6A Tent Chatham 6A Tent

    Outwell Chatham 6A Tent (2019)

    The Outwell Chatham 6a family tent strives to offer plenty of living space, sleeping space and storage to the front of the tent. With three-zones, the tent truly offers unrivalled space, whilst also offering excellent value for money, and tried and tested fabric, with a 4000mm waterproofing. The Rigid Air design system, allows quick-pitching, combined with stability and an easy-set down at the end of the camping trip.

    Regular Price: £940.00

    Special Price £629.99

  9. Woodburg 6A Woodburg 6A

    Outwell Woodburg 6A Tent (2019)

    Generous living space, intuitive pitching and a dynamic living space, the Outwell Woodburg 6A is a wonderful family tent, ideal for five to six people, and filled with Outwell features, for a more comfortable camping experience.

    Regular Price: £1,000.00

    Special Price £645.00

  10. Mayville 6SA Tent Mayville 6SA Tent

    Outwell Mayville 6SA Tent (2019)

    The Outwell Mayville 6SA is new to the market for 2019, offering a six berth tent, with an inflatable design for quicker pitching and a front steel canopy pole for added strength. Offering plenty of innovative features, such as the sewn-in groundsheet, mesh panels on all doors and Ambassador bedrooms for more living space in the sleeping areas.

    Regular Price: £1,250.00

    Special Price £799.99


Items 1 to 10 of 49 total

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