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A collection of Force Tent tents, arguably the best mountain tents on the market worldwide, with the heritage and pedigree to match. Force Ten was born in the 1960's, when they created the A-frame expedition tent, a tough tent with a bell-style front porch area. This led to pioneers using the product on expeditions on mountain ranges across the world, pushing the boundaries, developing the product, and going further than before. Indeed, Force 10's classic collection of tents is still available for purchase today, such was their popularity. The more modern collection showcases three core ranges - the F10 Alpine Range, manufacured with design, weight and durability in mind.  The F10 Alpine LT collection is for the weight-conscious backpacker / mountaineer, wanting the maximum performance, with minumum weight. Finally, the last collection in the inspiring F10 tent collection is the F10 Expedition range, the absolute pinnacle in technical camping, offering the most stable tents for the most testing environments.

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Force Ten Tents


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  1. Force 10 Erebus 3+ Tent Force 10 Erebus 3+ Tent

    F10 Erebus 3+ Tent (2018)

    The F10 Erebus 3+ is designed to be the perfect tent for those venturing out to more far flung, rugged locations. As well as being exceptionally easy to pitch, the tent is also one of the lightest on the market at just 3.03kg (2.70kg trail weight) - impressive for a large three-person tunnel tent, with a small pack size.

    Regular Price: £500.00

    Special Price £399.99

  2. Helium 1 Ultra-lightweight Tent Helium 1 Ultra-lightweight Tent

    F10 Helium UL 1 Tent (2018)

    The F10 Helium Ultralight 1 Tent focuses on minimal weight whilst retaining a high-quality of construction and resilience in the event of more extreme weather, making it perfect for short trips. The low weight and pack size make this ideal for when space is at a premium and mobility essential.

    Regular Price: £235.00

    Special Price £189.99

  3. Helium 2 Tent Helium 2 Tent

    F10 Helium UL 2 Tent (2018)

    Prioritising weight and compactness, the F10 Helium UL 2 represents the the ultimate in mobility and stripped down functionality. The ease of pitching and resilience of this featherweight tent makes it perfect for short trips where weight and space is at a premium, providing reliable shelter against the elements.

    Regular Price: £270.00

    Special Price £224.95

  4. Mountain 2 Tent Mountain 2 Tent

    F10 MTN 2 Tent (2018)

    Building upon the classic 4 pole geodesic design, the Force 10 MTN adds axial pole hubs at the crossover points. This light, high-tech, resilient tent combines the most advanced materials to provide the mountaineer with a strong, weatherproof freestanding structure capable of enduring the most extreme climates, such as Arctic locations.

    Regular Price: £600.00

    Special Price £399.99

  5. Force 10 Makalu Force 10 Makalu

    F10 Makalu 2 Tent (2018)

    The F10 Makalu 2 enables the adventurer to travel light, yet with the knowledge their tent brings strength and stability. The semi-geodesic design makes for a strong structure on rough terrain.

    Regular Price: £400.00

    Special Price £279.00

  6. Force 10 Xenon 2+ Tent Force 10 Xenon 2+ Tent

    F10 Xenon UL 2+ Tent (2018)

    The Force Ten Xenon UL 2+ tent provides a little extra space whilst retaining its core function as a high performance, extremely lightweight and compact tent. The tent is easy to pitch and put away, alongside small details to increase functionality. This is a fantastic tent for trips where light carry weight is essential.

    Regular Price: £380.00

    Special Price £339.00

  7. Force 10 Arete 2 Tent Force 10 Arete 2 Tent

    F10 Arete 2 Tent (2018)

    The unorthodox shape of the F10 Arete 2 brings surprising headroom to this tent, whilst cutting through wind and increasing surface run off due to the sharp gradient the extra height brings. This tent uses clever technology to achieve a balance of strength and lightness perfect for trekking in rugged conditions. Ideal for anyone wanting a lightweight, durable and reliable tent, with the best possible technical features.

    Regular Price: £320.00

    Special Price £239.00

  8. Xenon UL2 Tent Xenon UL2 Tent

    F10 Xenon UL 2 Tent (2018)

    The F10 Xenon UL2 utilises a tunnel tent design to achieve the maximum space for the minimum weight. The tent is easy to put up and down, and offers a small pack size, making it an excellent choice for expeditions where speed and mobility are essential. Perfect for lightweight campers, wanting the best quality fabrics and technical features, but counting every gram at the same time.

    Regular Price: £325.00

    Special Price £289.00

  9. XPD 3 Mountain Tent XPD 3 Mountain Tent

    F10 XPD 3 Tent

    The Vango XPD tent represents the pinnacle of Vango's expedition range, with a fully geodesic design, ultra-strong materials and poles, and measures to counteract the most extreme weather conditions. This tent is capable of enduring the most hostile environments on the planet, and is manufactured using all of Vango Force 10's experience as a market leader in expedition tents.

    Regular Price: £695.00

    Special Price £599.00

  10. Erebus 3 Tent by F10 Erebus 3 Tent by F10

    F10 Erebus 3 Tent (2018)

    The Force 10 Erebus 3 Tent is a lightweight, fast pitching tent jam packed with technical features, perfect for the adventurer taking on the tougher terrains and weather conditions.

    Regular Price: £400.00

    Special Price £299.00


10 Item(s)